10 Hong Kong yogis to follow on Instagram

Yoga is all about finding your center, getting in touch with your body and mind and achieving a whole new level of chill. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just some motivation, there are plenty of Hong Kong yogis who are practising #yogaeverydamnday and sharing their most envy-inducing poses and contortions on Instagram.

We’ve selected some of Hong Kong’s hottest yogis for tips, outfit inspiration and the latest on all the best fitness retreats from around the world:



This post: 10 Hong Kong yogis to follow on Instagram

Precisely five feet tall, Jessica Lee is one of the most fun and inspiring yogis in Hong Kong. She left the corporate world behind in 2005 and has been travelling the world ever since sharing her love for yoga. Check out her challenging ACROVINYASA classes at some of Hong Kong’s top studios.



Ayana “Yaya” Joseph is one badass woman. We’ve never seen anyone move quite as gracefully or beautifully as her. Not only did she used to work for the federal government of the United States but she was also a professional dancer and cheerleader for the Arena Football League. Check out her classes for a strong, purposeful and empowering flow.



Dedicated to showing others that you can live a healthier and happier life, Karen Holt and her wellness concept, The Health Seed, is a guide to all things that are good for you. Her feed is full of dreamy snaps of guilt-free treats, greens and yoga inversions.



Musician, AntiGravity Fitness Master Trainer and Ambassador and director of yoga at Epic MMA, Tamer Begum is a force to be reckoned with (and easy on the eyes too). Tamer has a huge respect for physical expression of all kinds and is an avid traveller and adventurer in his spare time. Follow his feed as he inspires people all over the world to push themselves to new limits.




Nastassia Syz has a particular fondness for handstands — her feed is full of snaps of her creating the most stunning shapes while upside down. Be it on the beach, at a temple in Japan or training at Topfit, Nastassia will give you some serious #fitspiration. Follow her as she blends yoga, TRX, Zumba, gymnastics, plyometrics, bodyweight exercises and HIIT to help her clients achieve maximum results and a better lifestyle.

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What we love most about Victor Chau’s yoga sessions at Epic Yoga, is his ability to adapt each pose for varying levels while still making it a challenge. A registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and an ambassador for Lululemon Athletica and John Hardy, Chau is an inspiration to watch as he contorts himself into the most amazing poses.



Greta Lai truly lives and breathes yoga. Having practised for over a decade, Greta is a 500-Hr yoga teacher, registered Pre-Natal yoga teacher, Level 1 AntiGravity Instructor and also a certified yoga therapist. Scroll through her feed for inspiration on how to switch up your yoga poses as  she  offers variations that both challenge and nurture your body.



Watch Valerie Lam as she twists and bends all over Hong Kong — performing at events and helping fellow yogis to reach new levels of flexibility.



Looking to reconnect you with your breath, Héloïse Chong teaches at studios all over the city in hopes to help Hong Kongers find peace despite their busy lives. Previously a competitive gymnast, Héloïse also has a background in Tae Kwon Do, boxing and karate.





Originally from New York, Kelsea Bangora has been practising yoga since the age of 15 when she was training to become a professional ballerina. Now certified in Bikram, ClassicalHatha, Vinyasa and Kids Yoga, Kelsea has also won several championships, including the title of New York Yoga Asana champion in 2011. She now offers private lessons, workshops and retreats across the world as well as two group classes at YogaBamBam and Flex Studio.


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