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12 stunning Pride makeup ideas to celebrate

Happy Pride Month! Up your makeup game with these cool, creative, colourful makeup ideas for Pride month, or whenever. Go big, go bold, go beautiful.

When it comes to Pride makeup, the one rule? There are no rules. It’s all about expressing excitement, creativity, and love with a touch of glitter. So, whether you want to paint a rainbow on your face, add bursts of sparkle, or go for something more discreetly symbolic, we’ve gathered a list of eye-catching Pride makeup ideas to get you inspired.

This post: 12 stunning Pride makeup ideas to celebrate

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12 stunning Pride makeup ideas 

Rainbow under eyes with gem embellishments

Who says your eye makeup needs to be applied on your upper eyelid? Get creative and use your colourful eyeshadow palette to achieve the flawlessly blended rainbow under eyes for the Pride month this year. Add some embellishments to the look to make it stand out even more.

Dramatic eyes with a sparkle

To create these whimsical, psychedelic designs, grab an eyeshadow palette with blues and purples, as well as white eyeliner. Finish the look with a lengthening mascara and some falsies if you want to go all out.

Rainbow lashes

Rainbow lashes are stunning on their own, or when coupled with any of the other looks on this list. If you can’t find every shade of mascara, three or four hues will give you a similar effect.

“It’s what’s inside that counts”

Makeup pro @abbyroberts shared this genius design with the caption, “it’s what’s inside that counts.”

Glitter graphic eye

Draw the graphic shape you want across your eyelid using a fine-tip eyeliner brush dipped in glittery liquid shadows. If you don’t have a steady hand, how does this makeup artist achieve such sharp lines? Clean up the edges with a tiny brush soaked in micellar water.

Colourful graphic eyeliner

This graphic rainbow eyeliner is goals.

Rainbow cut crease

If you have the time and the eyeshadow palette, this rainbow cut-crease eye is well worth the effort.

Rainbow tears

Recognise the sunshine and the showers with rainbow tears.


Applying pearls with eyelash glue and creating faux “sparkle” with white liner adds dimension to rainbow shadow.

Cloud details

We loved the trendy cloud eyemakeup and nails, but we never imagined a full face of cloud makeup. This looks absolutely stunning!

Butterfly eyes

Despite the fact that glitter is definitely having a moment this year, the creativity behind these butterfly-inspired eyes absolutely takes the cake when it comes to Pride makeup. Though recreating this style will need a steady hand, we know you can do it.


State your pronouns with statement-making makeup like this.

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