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15 Best Products from Green Beauty Brands to Invest in

Green beauty products are at the forefront of many everyday conversations. Their formulas are derived from natural and botanical ingredients, as well as the initiatives to develop sustainable production techniques. We narrowed down the top green beauty brands available in the market.

Though the buzzword “green beauty” has been floating around the industry for years, there are still no universally agreed-upon criteria for what exactly qualifies a product as “clean,” “green,” “natural,” or “eco-friendly.”

For us, the products that fall under this category are those that tick the boxes of being environment friendly, have recyclable packaging, and meet the clean beauty concept. Although this is by no means a complete list of every sustainable brand in existence, these brands—and their top-rated products—are currently making big moves in terms of sustainability.

Sustainable beauty brands to shop right now

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This is a luxe and eco-friendly choose-your-own-beauty adventure with vegan eyeshadows (think matte nudes, shimmering options, and metallics) and three different sized and refillable palettes made of aluminium and PCR plastic.

This post: 15 Best Products from Green Beauty Brands to Invest in

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Weleda has been growing plants organically for over a century to fuel its beauty essentials, and they are proud owners of a NATURE certification — the first globally recognised quality seal for organic, plant-powered products. Skin Food, the brand’s deeply replenishing all-around wonder cream, is a staple in bathroom cabinets throughout the world.

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Air Company, a New York-based company, that converts carbon dioxide into pure ethanol alcohol, has entered the vodka and hand sanitiser industries, as well as perfume this year. This is the first fragrance generated from the air we breathe (every litre of its ethanol eliminates one pound of CO2), and it smells like orange peel, jasmine, and musk.

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This natural deodorant actually works. It’s also refillable! When you’ve used it up, remove the inside part (which is recyclable) and replace it with a fresh cartridge. Less waste and less money!

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This exquisite soak starts with bamboo salt, one of the plant’s most renewable resources. The plant’s salt is cured at extremely high temperatures in a South Korean monastery for up to three years before being blended with bamboo sap and an alkaline base to create a luxurious and therapeutic warm water product. It also has plastic-free packaging (a reusable canvas pouch, paper mesh, and a cardboard shipper box) and biodegradable paper printed with eco-friendly soy is used for the soak.

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This high-tech blow dryer uses 60% less energy than a standard heat-coiled dryer. It instantly detects the temperature of your bathroom and your hair, then adjusts its usage of visible light and infrared waves to dry your hair quicker. Choosing this dryer over a normal one is equivalent to reducing 60 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere or planting one tree.

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This solid, concentrated bar (mix with hot water to get a creamy conditioner) is waterless, plastic-free, and packed in certified biodegradable cardboard. And, it also works extremely well.

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The complete N°1 de Chanel collection—skincare, makeup, and a fragrance mist—honours Coco Chanel’s favourite flower, the camellia. The Revitalizing Cream comes in a refillable, recyclable glass container with a biobased lid made partly of camellia seed husks. Plus, the recipe contains 97 per cent naturally derived ingredients, including Red Camellia Extract and Red Camellia Oil grown on the brand’s farm.

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This not only ticks the eco-friendly box for being packaged in an aluminium tube, but it also brightens dull skin with vitamin-rich pumpkin, apricot seed powder, oat kernel protein, and vitamin E.

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The main components in this hair treatment are from India: kokum butter, ashwagandha, sesame, apricot kernel, and amla oils. To reduce the product’s (and brand’s) environmental imprint, everything is legitimately obtained from its natural habitat, which also helps to assist local agricultural villages and ensures sustainable harvesting procedures. The brand is also plastic-free.


Once you’ve finished this cult-favorite mascara, download the prepaid shipping label, and drop it off at USPS. It will be delivered to TerraCycle, a third-party firm that guarantees empties are recycled properly and do not wind up in a landfill.

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This is no minor feat that this serum alone contains 69 high-performing botanical ingredients to combat pigmentation. Many of their herbs, fruits, and vegetables are grown in-house, then cold-pressed and blended with a carrier oil to retain all of the nutrients and freshness. They also insist on using only soy-based ink on the cardboard presentation boxes since it contains fewer petrochemicals and is easier to remove during the recycling process.


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Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Smoky Eye Bricks are a must-have for on-the-go makeup enthusiasts, offering a concise edit of ultra-wearable and highly pigmented shades in a smooth matte simplified to be all you need to create your own modern smoky eye. With its exclusive pressing method, this permits all four hues to coexist in a single elegant brass compact for maximum product in minimal (and 100% plastic-free!) packaging.


Rs 4,716 (approx.)

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The making of this glacial oceanic clay mask has no environmental impact. Purifying clay, collected under the supervision of the Canadian government, is blended with moisturising squalane and detoxifying activated bamboo charcoal to create a mask that draws away impurities while profoundly hydrating.

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Caudalie‘s face cream contains niacinamide and white peony, all in a biodegradable formula. Mathilde Thomas, cofounder, has excluded parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, sodium laureth sulphate, mineral oils, silicones, bisphenols, and animal derived substances from the brand’s products, and she estimates the company offsets its carbon impact nearly four times. In addition, she has established a target of zero-waste packaging by 2022.


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