18 kitchen designs that will inspire you to cook up a storm

Gone are the days of minimalistic kitchens. We’ve seen many home renovations applying the philosophy of “less is more” to their kitchen designs, and, to be honest, it’s been done to death. Sure, sometimes chic kitchens with sleek lines and polished cabinets are pretty, but all that lies behind its Instagrammable facade is something basic, and god forbid, boring.

The kitchen is the culinary heart of a home, and its design should reflect as such. And in the words of home appliance manufacturer Electrolux, “A kitchen is a place to inspire and be inspired.” The trend in recent years has been moving towards the original definition of luxury: Mahogany cabinets, marble countertops, and plush leather-stitched bar stools that will make your derrière sigh in contentment. Christopher Peacock, a luxury cabinet maker, also told Forbes that his clients are now preferring quality over quantity, exotic marble with character over yet another coffee machine.

This post: 18 kitchen designs that will inspire you to cook up a storm

The pinnacle of kitchen design would be The Fourth Wall, a collaboration between Electrolux Grand Cuisine and Poggenpohl, the oldest kitchen brand in the world. Creative director of Poggenpohl, Andrew Hays, came up with its concept, which blends modern technology and traditional grand kitchens. At a cost of £350,000 (S$632,000) to build, you could almost buy an executive maisonette in Hougang. It’s kitchens like these that are the subjects of dreams.

So for 2018, we’ve compiled 18 kitchen designs that are the very definition of “kitchen porn”.

(Photo credits: Dering Hall/Featured photo: Stephen Karlisch)

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