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5 cloud kitchens in Delhi that use eco friendly food packaging

Not just World Environment Day (June 5), we need to consciously make more sustainable choices in our lives. With eco friendly food packaging, these cloud kitchens in India are taking one step forward each day in doing their bit for the environment.

With the ongoing pandemic and the lockdowns that we have been through, ordering in has become the new norm. That has led to countless cloud kitchens springing up in every nook and corner, monetising this opportunity. But these sustainable cloud kitchens are doing a great job at looking after the environment, while whipping up lip-smacking fares. From using biodegradable and recyclable packaging to sourcing local ingredients, they are going all the way. Even though eco friendly food packaging is the costlier option, these cloud kitchens have vowed to never use plastic. This World Environment Day, we have listed the best sustainable cloud kitchens that aim to provide superior experiences to their customers.

This post: 5 cloud kitchens in Delhi that use eco friendly food packaging

Cloud kitchens that are going the eco friendly food packaging way

The Chhaunk

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Image: Courtesy The Chhaunk

Founded by Manjari Singh and Hiranyamayi Shivani, this cloud kitchen in Gurgaon is all about Bihari food. From Champaran meat mutton, litti chokha, Sattu ka sharbat, Bihari chicken curry, Sattu kachori, and methi puri and more, you get a range of options at The Chhaunk to try. The restaurant pledges be 100 percent green, with no items in the restaurant that are harmful to the environment. Taking the eco-friendly food packaging route, their packaging is completely free of plastic and biodegradable. Lead-free, safe, freeze-proof, leak-proof, and easily recyclable, they pack their food packaged in glass containers. Their glass jar packaging is one of their USP and once done, you can use them as planters or for your kitchen spices.

PotPot -Yum Yum

PotPot Yum Yum Indian Delivery serves chaats, North Indian, and coastal cuisine in pots and potlis. How amazing is that? They use organic and locally sourced products to whip up batches of tasty, fresh food. The concept of eco friendly food packaging at Pot Pot comes from the cooking pots, which are the vessels in which food is cooked, serving pots, which are the potlis in which chaat is packed, and pottery, which is the exquisite craft of making terracotta pots. The concept of Pot-Pot is one of sustainability. From glass and terracotta pots to paper bags and cardboard boxes, they make sure that their packaging is easy to recycle and upcycle.

Pitara Kitchen

Pitara Kitchen
Image: Courtesy Pitara Kitchen

Founded by Chef Udit Maheshwari, this is one place where you can binge on North Indian cuisine without the greasiness to your heart’s content. Pitara Kitchen serves traditional North Indian cuisine with a flavourful and nutritious twist. Some of the must-haves from their extensive menu are Jammu’s Dogri Meat, Kaala Chana Kebab, Broccoli Makhani, Bacon & Kalimpong Cheese Kulcha, and more. On top of that, they use eco friendly food packaging to deliver throughout all their operational areas in South Delhi to keep up with the environmental well-being.

Art of Drums

The delicacies of this cloud kitchen pay respect to Awadh’s royal kitchens’ gastronomic tradition. The eco friendly food packaging for Art of Dum was created with the environment in mind. Their goal has been to limit the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. As a result, their packaging was created with reusable and recyclable materials and things. For gravies, dals, and sides, they use glass jars, glass bottles for beverages, a clay handi for biryani, and recyclable paper boxes for all of their packing. To decrease the use of plastic, each order comes with steel cutlery. Now that is what a sustainable cloud kitchen looks like!

Madam Curry

Founded by Ishaan Kapoor of The Purple Plate catering company, Madam Curry is a new delivery brand, with the goal of reinventing classic recipes. Kapoor and his team experiment with new recipes and ideas to make dining a healthy experience for their customers. Their dedication to long-term food distribution is admirable. Glass jars, earthenware, and birchwood cutlery are used in the brand’s eco friendly food packaging, which may be recycled and reused at home.

Featured Image: Courtesy Instagram/Madam Curry; Hero Image: Courtesy Chhaunk

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