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5 Hong Kong-based natural beauty brands to know

Beauty is undoubtedly one of the biggest industries in the world, with countless global brands competing to find new ways to give us that sought-after glow and flawless skin. But in a city where our skin is already stressed by challenging weather and pollution, the last thing we want to do is use potions and creams filled with ingredients whose names we can’t even pronounce. Fortunately, Hong Kong is home to several brands specialising in natural beauty products, made only with the finest ingredients. Whether you need to update your beauty regimen or just want to try something new, here are five of our favourite natural beauty brands, so you can treat your skin to the very best Hong Kong has to offer.

Gourmet Skin Bar

This post: 5 Hong Kong-based natural beauty brands to know

Gourmet Skin Bar’s philosophy is all about loving, cherishing and protecting your skin.

Behind Gourmet Skin Bar is a passionate team who are driven to change the world through wellness and natural skincare. This one-stop shop doesn’t make its own products, but it stocks some of the world’s best independent beauty brands so that you can explore something outside of your comfort zone and feel inspired to make sustainable choices.

The key message is that there are plenty of safe and ethical products to choose from that are just as effective — if not more so — than commercial brands. Every product sold here is natural, cruelty-free, fair trade and always toxic-free, yielding the best results. Without compromising the standards we expect from our favourites, Gourmet Skin Bar offers a variety of skincare brands that every woman should include in her beauty routine.

Our favourite picks: The Beauty Chef Glow inner beauty powder (HK$400), Mun Anarose rejuvenating rose toner (HK$600) and Kahina rosemary lavender soap (HK$155).


Turmeric has been proven to give your skin a magnificent glow.

Founded by Kavita Khosa, Purearth is a passion project that speaks volumes. Leaving her career in private equity law behind, Khosa chose to dedicate her time to creating pure and clean beauty products. It’s her Ayurvedic philosophy that makes the products so unique and different from some of the other natural beauty brands out there. Most of the products’ ingredients come from Himalayan villages, where they work with women in self-help groups to create pure and fair trade products that work magic.

Sea buckthorn berry, rosehip seed and turmeric are amongst the natural and effective ingredients that play a big role in the brand’s skin care. Supporting organic, biodynamic farming, every product is free of chemicals and GMOs, so you can feed your skin the very best.

Our favourite picks: Illumine face elixir oil (approx. HK$930), turmeric exfoliating face sand (approx. HK$465) and wild rose and seabuck face cream (approx. HK$775).

Coconut Matter

Coconut Matter 好椰!LIP CARE RANGE
What could be better than natural lipgloss and lip balms?

Diane van Zwanenberg founded Coconut Matter to inspire a healthy lifestyle and support sustainability in and outside of Hong Kong. Only working with fair trade farmers, she allows us to enjoying skincare products without any of the guilt. Whether you’re looking for coconut oil, soap or lip balm, Coconut Matter has it all. All of the coconuts are harvested in the Solomon Islands, which are untouched by pollutants and chemicals, meaning the finished products are extremely pure.

As recommended by the founder, wild coconut oil isn’t just good for hair and skin (as a moisturiser or make-up remover), but it also gives you the perfect boost of energy when stirred into your cup of coffee.

Our favourite picks: Wild virgin coconut oil (HK$210), DIY lip balm kit (HK$$395) and Fire coconut oil soap (HK$89).


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Straight from Morocco, Bahia’s products are pure and nourishing.

Made by Berbers in Morocco, Bahia’s products are traditional and contain the country’s ancient beauty secrets. The line featuring black soap, clay, prickly-pear-seed oil and argan oil, all of which are known to heal the skin and give it a beautiful glow. Made from organic and natural ingredients, every product by Bahia is worth having. Whether you’re looking to give your skin a boost or make it silky smooth, there are plenty of great beauty products to choose from.

Aspiring to bring responsibility to beauty products in both Hong Kong and Morocco, Bahia uses ingredients that come straight from the source. In turn, the brand benefits local communities in Morocco, so you’re making a difference with each purchase.

Our favourite picks: Moroccan black soap (HK$249), argan oil (HK$495) and prickly-pear-seed oil (HK$650).

Native Essentials

Organic Skincare 1024x543
This homegrown brand has impacted the way we see natural beauty.

Aromatologist and ‘beauty chef’ Daniela Pelonara was one of the first game changers in Hong Kong. Using only natural and organic ingredients, Native Essentials blends Asian botanicals and European aromatherapy, creating a line of products that’s soothing for both the mind and skin. Constantly looking for more innovative ways to create natural skincare, every cream and serum is made in small batches to produce the best results.

 Our favourite picks: Hyaluronic skin booster (HK$450), Hydrating organic mask (HK$450) and rich moisturiser (HK$280).

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