5 over-the-top and unique chairs for your home

A chair is still a chair, right? Wrong. You just may have been looking in all the wrong places for your furniture. We present to you, these over the top and unique chairs that will bring life and originality into your home. The designers must certainly have been out to prove Dionne Warwick wrong – because these chairs are definitely not just chairs.

Vespa chair, Bel & Bel 

This post: 5 over-the-top and unique chairs for your home

Image credit: Bel & Bel

A cool ride to the office just doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s all about snazzy rides in the office now.

Enter Vespa scooter chairs. Spanish design studio Bel & Bel came up with an intriguing concept which involves reviving the original parts of the 1980’s legendary Italian scooter – resulting in these head-turners. Constructed from the front shield and spare parts of vintage Vespa scooters, these swivel chairs put a whole new spin on upcycled furniture.

Available on Bel & Bel.

Skull Armchair, Harow 

Image credit: Harow

French designer Harold Sangouard must have had Austin Power’s Dr. Evil’s lair in mind when designing this sinister-looking skull armchair. This half sculpture, half furniture is perfect for making your genius plans (or weekend work) in.

Crafted using resin applied around an internal steel frame before being given a black or gold high-gloss finish with a Bultex foam seating covered in velvety black cotton, this chair is all you need in the middle of your mansion. For dramatic effect, place spotlights right above the chair, so you can greet guests while slowly stroking your white Persian.

Available on Harow. 

Peacock Chair, UUfie

Image credit: UUfie

Many designers gather inspiration from nature. Eiri Ota and Irene Gardpoit Chan of architecture firm UUfie designed this peacock chair influenced by the bird’s tail fanning in a ritual courtship, which represents “these frozen moments of beauty and happiness.”

The chair has a lace-like appearance due to the design and fabrication process that involves manipulating a single sheet within minutes. Made from a type of acrylic composite that has the ability to transform, the beautifully-designed chair reminds us of those intricate paper cutouts.

Image credit: UUfie

More info on UUfie. 

Inception Chair, Vivian Chiu

Image credit: Vivian Chiu

This chair by a graduate from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Vivian Chiu, is a trippy work of art. Inspired by the film with the same name, “Inception” was built by taking the chair model and placing within it chairs that are progressively smaller. Each chair has hand cut grooves on the inside edges of its seat frame as well as notches in the back seat, and uses a simple mechanism that allows the pegs to fit into the grooves of the chair one size bigger and slide into place so that the horizontal edge between the chair seat and back line up. The simple mechanism allows the chair to be taken apart and put back together easily.

If you thought the movie was confusing enough (we don’t blame you), this chair is just as mind-blowing!

More info on Vivian Chiu. 

Shopping Cart, Mike Bouchet 

Image credit: Mike Bouchet

Who would have ever thought a shopping cart can be used as a piece of furniture, what more a leisurely lounge chair? Certainly Frankfurt-based designer Mike Bouchet.

The shopping carts are repurposed by altering the frames of zinc plated steel carts, cutting off the sides of the buggies and modifying their front and back panels by bending them backwards or forwards to achieve certain angles to create lawn chairs or sun loungers.

More info on Mike Bouchet. 



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