5 unique engagement photographers in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, having the most beautiful engagement photos is almost as important as the wedding itself. On any given day, you can see happy couples taking to the streets in their finest gowns and suits to capture some special moments. Unfortunately, your engagement photos can end up looking identical to everyone else’s, when what you really want are images that capture what’s special and unique about you as a couple. Instead of doing a shoot with the most common backdrops in the city, why not try something different? We’ve found five of Hong Kong’s most creative photographers who can help you create one-of-a-kind memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Engagement photographers maryann1

Mary Ann

This post: 5 unique engagement photographers in Hong Kong

A creative collaboration between photographers and a stylist, Mary Ann is the perfect photography company to work with if you’re looking for unique views. From breathtaking scenery to documentary-style photography, the team travels across the world to capture these special moments in artistic ways so you can keep these memories forever.

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Engagement photos Joyce Yung

Joyce Yung

Joyce Yung‘s photography is a reflection of her years of experience in film. She’s able to capture your celebratory moments with a distinctive point of view. Having produced several feature films, she has a great eye for detail and is able to give your photos a romantic and cinematic feel.

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Engagement photos henry f new

Henry F

Living between Hong Kong and Vancouver, Henry F has a great way of capturing cities and landscapes alike. From little alleys in Sheung Wan to the hustle and bustle of New York, his portfolio is versatile and always eye-catching. Whether you’re looking to shoot in Hong Kong or under the cherry blossom trees in Japan, Henry F will be able to capture beauty in its most natural form.

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Engagement photos sixtysix studios

Six Sixty Studios

Based in Hong Kong, Six Sixty Studios wants to fill the void of creativity in engagement photography, and it’s now one of the best studios in town. Founder Tobias specialises in post-processing to ensure your images are truly unique. With a focus on making every moment last forever, you’ll find that this studio goes the extra mile to make sure your photography needs are met.

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Engagement photos Phillip P1

Philip Tsang

Considered one of Asia’s best wedding photographers, it’s no surprise many entrust Philip Tsang to take the most unique photos of their special moment. His shots are always dreamy; whether you’re looking for something whimsical or more glamorous, he’s the man who can do it all.

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