5 ways to make your million dollar studio apartment more spacious

Living in a million dollar apartment amidst the towering skyscrapers in the CBD with a panoramic view of the city lights is all sorts of dreamy. However, it’s no secret that studio apartments are anything but roomy. When it comes to making full use of space, certain elements such as playing with natural light, having a centralised colour palette, and double-duty furniture is key.

Here are some decor tips to free up the space in your apartment so you don’t have to compromise spaciousness for that luxurious apartment you’ve always dreamt of.

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Walls washed with rich, deep hues look ultra dramatic. However, it can make a space look smaller than it actually is. Choose instead to work with a muted palette against white walls and flooring to create the illusion of a bigger apartment.

This post: 5 ways to make your million dollar studio apartment more spacious

If you want to incorporate dark colours such as black, have accents of black instead – using frames, lamps or dividers.

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An all-white studio apartment can end up looking rather bland, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Layer different hues, textures, woods and metals to liven up the space. Your furniture, which makes a large portion of the apartment, is a good place to start. Try a grey sofa, for example, as grey adds a sophisticated depth to an all-white sanctuary. The Great Pampas – Danish furniture maker, Eilersen’s, latest addition to its floaters – is comfortable, luxurious and multi-functional.

Potted plants, blooms, and creeping vines can also add a unique and interesting twist to white walls.

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Not only can utilising natural light lead to substantial energy savings, it can also make a studio apartment look more vast. Making use of full-length window panels and sliding glass door will let in ample sunlight and visually maximise a space.

Mirrors are also your best friend when it comes to balancing the light in an apartment, while adding flair and style. They reflect light and can visually double the size of a room.

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Multi-purpose furniture are heaven sent for studio apartments. Making use of the storage space under a bed, for example, removes clutter from an apartment.

Additionally, utilise wall mounted shelving instead of bookshelves as these can be fixed above other furniture, freeing up floor space. This improves the traffic flow of an apartment, so one can move smoothly – and not stumble upon things along the way.

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Functional room dividers

Strategically placing room dividers in a studio apartment can sectionalise and maximise space. For extra effect, consider functional room dividers, which can be used as shelving as well.

Take a look at Italian designer Pietro Russo, who imagined and conceptualised a geometric divider that creates an elegant and soft division between different sections of the room without breaking up the space completely.

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