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6 beautiful rose bouquets to gift this Valentine’s Day 2022

Roses for Valentine’s Day? A classic! Also, a can’t-go-wrong gift for that someone special.

First things first: flowers shouldn’t just be gifted once a year on Valentine’s, they should be given all year around — count this as a thoughtful tip the next time you walk by your neighbourhood florist. But when it comes to Valentine’s Day, the bouquet you choose — if you’re not arranging your own — should come with a little more surprise and a lot more drama. You want to impress!

This post: 6 beautiful rose bouquets to gift this Valentine’s Day 2022

No matter where your current relationship is at, be it a one-stem worthy or 99, these bouquets, spotlighted by the season’s favourite rose, will help sweeten grand gestures and quell Valentine’s Day jitters to easily impress your loved one. Perhaps even more so in yet another unconventional Feb 14.

Stop and Smell (Then, Buy) The Roses:

If you’re looking for a classic… 

valentines day roses blooms and blossoms

Blooms & Blossoms’ Passion Rouge

Nothing more classic than a bucket-full of red roses for Valentine’s Day, and no bouquet as sweet and simple as Blooms and Blossoms’ Passion Rouge. A stunning curation of spray red roses and single red roses over lush greenery will show how you really feel.

Otherwise, the luxury florist has a whole Valentine’s range of bouquets dedicated to all kinds of love this season — one arranged with tulips; others of a pastel palette of pink and white roses — to surprise that special someone with something just as special.

From HK$1,980

If you’re looking for something dramatic…

valentines day roses ellermann

Ellermann’s Oh La La

Maybe you’re looking to gift something other than roses this Valentine’s Day — you want it to be a special one, with no dinners and all.

Then, go for Ellermann’s extravagant Oh La La, presented with a theatrical flourish. Set for lasting impressions, this dramatic, larger-than-life arrangement features various blooms set in an Ellermann red-and-white ceramic vase. There are red roses, of course, but also an accompanying selection of sweet pea, carnations, gyps bordeaux, eustoma and more flora that artfully tower and cascade over one another into a stunning, sculptural piece.


If you’re looking for something easy…

valentines day roses the floristry 1

The Floristry’s Lover’s Isle

To those not quite as committed to big bold statements, seal your love with a subtle bouquet, one that delicately whispers, rather than shouts.

Lover’s Isle from The Floristry is a blushing palette of whites, pinks and reds that hint quietly at romantic notions. Inspired by the Welsh lore of the lost lover of Dwynwen, the patron saint of love, this rustic arrangement of multi-coloured roses hidden amongst deep, rich florals and soft greenery is the floral alternative to stolen glances and secretive whispers of sweet nothings.

From HK$2,100

If you’re looking to sweep her off her feet…

valentines day roses m florist

M Florist’s Honey Lover

Pink roses are a wonderful creation. Not only are they still roses — the consummate symbol of love, romance and great, big gestures on Valentine’s Day — but they also hold something a little more special and a little more thoughtful than its more common red sibling.

These Honey Lover blossoms from M Florist are dipped in a decadent shade of pink champagne, which, during a season dedicated to love, feels extra fitting. Gift them with chocolates.

Get the 12 or 24 stems if you’re looking to make a statement, but if you really want to let them know, go for 99.

From HK$1,750

If you want to show that you’ve listened…

valentines day roses flannel flowers

Flannel Flowers’ Cafe Au Lait

So you want to show them that you care; that you do, in fact, listen when they tell you about the particular theme they’re going for on their Instagram this month.

Flannel Flowers has the solution for photo-savvy lovers this Valentine’s Day, with a Cafe Au Lait bouquet that’ll slot in very nicely within sepia-toned shots of coffee shop flat-lays. Don’t fret, Valentine’s Day roses are still present, only now tinged with a toffee-tones of milky browns sidled against creamy whites.


If you really, really want to express your love…

valentines day roses grace and favour

Grace & Favour’s With You I Am Me

The bouquet you choose should be of special meaning; a reflection of the relationship you’re currently nurturing. So if you’re not arranging your own florals, it’s worth to pick something that’s a touch more thoughtful than plain red.

Grace & Favour’s With You I Am Me bouquet features a bunch of Ecuadorian roses, ranging from the classic 12 to a spectacular 99, which have been tinted in both white and red as a symbol of purity and passion intertwined upon a single bud. The duo-tone petals are said to also be a representation of you and your lover — a beautiful dedication to the love-filled holiday.

From HK$1,580

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