7 ultra-luxe rides we can’t get over

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This post: 7 ultra-luxe rides we can’t get over

May certainly kept auto journalists on their toes. From anniversary special editions to next-gen models, here are seven best new cars we saw this month.

Is it just me? Or May was jam-packed with luxury launches? We’ve been seeing drops left, right, and center, be it next-gen updates, bespoke one-offs, or absolute nostalgia bombs. However, if you’re late to the party, worry not. Here’s your scoop on the best new cars of May 2022, we simply can’t get enough of.

Best new cars: May 2022

Maserati MC20 Cielo

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Here’s the Maserati MC20 Cielo. The brand’s long-awaited convertible after the Grancabrio was discontinued in 2019. It boasts one of the quickest retracting roofs in the business at 12 seconds, just a second slower than the 720S Spider. The engine bay is identical to its standard variant – Twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 that makes 629-horsepower. Price? About £187,000 (Rs. 1.8 Crore).

Range Rover Sport 2023

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The third-gen, India-bound Range Rover Sport made a bold debut with a longer wheelbase, sleeker look, and soon-arriving EV. n form, the Sport embodies everything about a Range Rover – Style, space, and a dose of luxe, but in this update, we see differences from the front, side, and rear. The DRLs on this Range Rover are said to be the slimmest to ever grace a Land Rover car. Also, the taillights now stretch the width of the car. What catches our attention is the new Range Rover Sport P510e PHEV, which comes powered by Land Rover’s 3.0-litre six-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine with a 105-kW electric motor and a 38.2-kWh battery, which churns out 510-bhp.

BMW 3 Series 2023

2023 BMW 3 Series 20

Also, the BMW 3 Series. We see updated front cosmetics including an angular bumper and sleeker LED headlights. The cabin now boats a 12.3-inch digital gauge and a massive 15-inch tilted infotainment screen. With a 330e that uses a four-cylinder and electric motor, there’s also a M340i in the brochure, charged by a nifty inline-six.

McLaren “Platinum Jubilee” Artura

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Honoring Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign as Queen of England, British luxe supercar maker, McLaren debuted a super-special, one-off bespoke Artura painted in Jubilee Platinum which also boasts an ‘Elizabeth II’ badge in place of the McLaren swoosh logo.

Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 Edition 55

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Continuing Mercedes-AMG’s 55th-anniversary celebration, they debut a limited-edition CLA 45 ‘Editon 55’ limited to only 55 builds. This striking new anniversary gift to AMG fans leans heavily on aerodynamics and bodywork, all draped in a Cosmos Black Metallic or a Digital White Metallic colourway. The engine bay remains untouched. It houses a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that makes 382-horsepower and 354-pound-feet of torque. Only 55 of the Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 Edition 55 will be made.

Ferrari SP48 Unica gif maker 7

Earlier this month, Ferrari revealed the SP48 Unica, based on the F8-Tributo as a one-off for a very special client, designed by the Italian marque’s Chief Design Officer Flavio Manzoni himself. Its beautiful grille design is developed using procedural-parametric modeling techniques and 3D prototyping, Ferrari completely redesigned this bit, fusing the grille and air intakes. Also, the hexagonal design as seen on the front grille and the roof slide is carried inside the cabin too. Take a picture, save it. This is a one-of-one Ferrari, you’ll probably never see this in the flesh (or well, metal) ever.

DeLorean Alpha5

Meet the DeLorean Alpha5 an 80s icon resurrected

Dubbed the Alpha5 EV, the new-age DeLorean proves that icons of the past can become future trendsetters. Much like the 80s icon, this too embraces those Gullwing doors and rear glass louvers, all nods to the past. It’s front sees elegant slim headlights and a scoop-dipped bonnet. Also interestingly, the charging port is part of the front fender, making it much easier to charge now. It does zero-to-100-km/hour in 3.4 seconds and maxes out at an electronically limited 241-km/hour. Delivering all this power is a 100-kWh-plus battery pack that’s capable of doing 483 kms on a full charge.

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