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7 wine bars in KL with a great selection of bottles from around the world

The world of wine is vast. Wine producing regions span from all over the world, and every other decade or so, a new country decides to try their hand at growing grapes for wine from a different terroir. It’s probably right to say that one could never possibly try all the wines in the world, much less own them. But we could get you started by introducing some wine bars in KL to allow you to find out which particular ones might strike your fancy.

Like whisky, it’s difficult to commit to an entire bottle without knowing what you’re in for. It’s just as well that there are whisky bars in KL for you to try a good variety, because these wine bars in KL will offer you a good selection of wines from various regions around the world. Embark on a wine tasting adventure with these bars and you might just be able to find out for yourself which variety suits you best. Are you a purist that prefers wine from the Old World? Perhaps you might find that you enjoy certain New World wines, or even the extremely experimental New Latitude wines.

Whatever the outcome may be, you will first need to step into these wine bars in KL. Purchase them or have them with your meal in the restaurant — one thing’s for sure, you’ll have a grape time.

cellar 18

Cellar Eighteen is one of the newest kids on the block, having opened a space in Tropicana Avenue selling a vast selection of wine, and then some more. Inside the shop is Ingrained by Ironwoods, the restaurant-deli where you can order some pastries, caviar, or smoked salmon to go with your wine. There’s a good selection of vintage wines in store, and if you have any trouble picking your wine, feel free to ask resident sommelier Sebastian for help. Purchase your bottle of wine to go or sip on a glass or two at their upper level dining space.

This post: 7 wine bars in KL with a great selection of bottles from around the world


Just a few doors away from Hotel Stripes is restaurant-bar Joloko, which boasts food and interior influences from Africa to Arabia. While they serve a pretty mean lamb steak and are better known for their cocktails, Joloko also boasts an interesting wine selection, from natural and organic wines to the lesser-known grape varieties. It’s no wonder that they were nominated for Best Wine Bar during last year’s The Bar Awards KL.

private room ttdi1

Hidden upstairs in a row of shop lots in TTDI is a dim and quiet bar by the name of Private Room. Owned by the same people who brought you The Pawn Room and Mrs Jones’ Parlour, this wine bar is stocked with a great selection of boutique vintage wines in the main hall. Head towards the chiller for more of the premium stuff that will cost you a pretty penny. Otherwise, chill out in the bar, order some snacks and get the two in-house sommeliers Justin Ho and Danny Tai to help you out with the vino. If you’re not feeling for wine, Private Room also mixes their own wine-based cocktails.


Sitka Restaurant is known for their good food, so frequent patrons will already know that they have a good selection of wines to go with their meal. On their racks is a diverse selection of wines ranging from Old World to New World. While they don’t have an in-house sommelier to help you out with wine pairing options, their servers are quite competent to provide recommendations.


Vintry won Best Wine Bar during The Bar Awards KL 2018, so you might want to take time to visit them. They started out with a small space in Medan Damansara, but have since expanded to a total of four outlets with Stoked Restaurant & Bar being their semi fine-dining branch. Pork is the main offering here, with plenty of wine to go with it. There are over 1,000 wine labels to choose from, so take your time.

Brasserie Fritz interiors

With an elegant setting in the middle of the Golden Triangle, Brasserie Fritz is the place to be seen wining and dining. We’ve shown you how good their food can be, but did you know that the selection of wine to go with their food is equally as decent? Head on over to experience it for yourself.

Mr. Chews Interior 3

Way above Brasserie Fritz, you can continue wining and dining at Mr Chew’s Chino Latino Bar & Restaurant. They have a great selection of craft cocktails, but if you want something elegant to go with your Chinese-Latino food, opt for their selection of wines.

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