Bangkok is the most affordable city in the world for budget luxury travel

When on a holiday to an international destination, we aspire to have the best experiences in terms of travel and stay. And budget plays a crucial role in planning for one.

But not all locations in the world that offer luxurious travel experiences are expensive. Recently, named Bangkok as the most cost-effective city for a luxury holiday across the globe.

This post: Bangkok is the most affordable city in the world for budget luxury travel

Here’s what a luxury vacation on a budget will cost in Bangkok and other cities

According to the report, the Thai capital offers the best-in-class services on a budget, be it a stay at a five-star hotel or having meals at Michelin-starred restaurants.

Tourists can rent a car like Mercedes-Benz in Bangkok for USD 59 (THB 2035.74) per day. To enjoy a fine-dining experience, you may have to shell out approximately USD 150 (THB 66.58).

As compared to the other 29 cities on this list, Bangkok offers one of the cheapest five-star accommodations. A night at one such hotel in the city will cost you almost USD 295 (THB 130.95). Whereas, a luxury hotel stay in Paris will cost you almost USD 1,753 (THB 866.93) per night, according to’s findings.

Other cities on the list

Taking the second spot on the list is Brussels. The Belgium capital is also the most affordable city in Europe. While the cost per night at a five-star hotel is USD 680 (THB 301.85), choosing to travel in a luxury car will cost you USD 150 (THB 66.58). Additionally, you will have to pay USD 156 (THB 69.25) for a Michelin-starred meal in Brussels.

Verona has been named the third most affordable city for a luxury trip on a budget. In this Italian city, the cost for a spa hotel is just USD 177 (THB 78.57), on an average.

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