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Best coloured mascaras to make your eyes pop that are available in India

Coloured eyeshadows and liners are great but the effort and energy required to master them, not to mention the limitations of our hot, humid weather leave them a little undesirable. So when we discovered the magic of coloured mascara, our eyes (quite literally) popped.

Bright eyes, when done right, are always in vogue. However, eye artistry usually revolves around eyeshadow and eyeliner-led makeup. Things are changing this summer, as the humble mascara is getting a colourful upgrade. The traditional black mascara might hold the test of time but the versatile tool is now exploring newer colour palettes. It all started with the blue and brown mascaras, they opened our eyes to the idea that a change from the neutral black can really open up your eyes. Come 2022, we are exploring new hues – pinks, purples, reds and even gold. And Rihanna is on board. After Rihanna wore pink mascara (with a pink outfit) to Coachella, the beauty trend was firmly planted on the radar.

This post: Best coloured mascaras to make your eyes pop that are available in India

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But before you deep dive into the coloured mascara trend, it’s important to take note that its important to find a hue that’ll match your eyes. For example, colours like purple and green are suitable for brown eyes, pink for blue, purple for green eyes and those with black eyes can opt for blue or purple shades. Just remember these rules aren’t set in stone and it’s important to simply experiment and find your mascara match.

Wearing a coloured mascara might seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be if you keep a few makeup tips in mind. For instance, wear it with a bare face and let the pop of colour be the highlight of your look. You can even add a matching coloured eyeliner to achieve a bolder look. If you’re a novice we recommend going monochrome with your mascara/eyeliner/eyeshadow combination but for the more experienced artists, contrasts work well too. Keep your brows natural and let this vibrant take you off the gram and into the glam.


The best coloured mascaras to shop for in India

Blue and green coloured mascaras

Other coloured mascaras to try

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