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Bro code: A man’s guide to eyebrow grooming

Everyone with a social media account should be aware of the “eyebrows on fleek” wave that has wiped out all our former conceptions of what makes good eyebrows. Lingo aside, having thick, defined brows are the facial equivalent of wearing a Tom Ford suit, and having a regular eyebrow grooming ritual does wonders for your appearance.

We get that not everyone is #blessed (irony fully intended) with eyebrows that are naturally bushy or grow out without transforming your brow into the cast of the Jungle Book. Since the e-literature on eyebrow grooming for men is scarce on the Internet, here’s a nifty list for what you can do to keep your brows in check.

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Find a grooming salon

This post: Bro code: A man’s guide to eyebrow grooming

Unless you already know your desired brow shape and can summon it with some DIY action, go down to a grooming salon to get your fix. Speak to professionals who can help you achieved a desired look, whether it’s wholly reshaping your eyebrows or a quick trim. Studios like Browhaus and Highbrow are some that specialise in unisex grooming.

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Unless you’re going for an artificial “I just got waxed and it felt so good” statement across your face, try to avoid waxing. Men’s hairs are thicker, and waxing your eyebrows typically results in an overly dramatic, sculpted look. The key is to look naturally groomed, more of an “I woke up like this”. Methods to attain said effect are threading, tweezing, and trimming. These also allow for your newfound eyebrows to stay groomed for longer, unlike shaving.

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Suck it up and get over cosmetics as feminine domain. Brow gels are a lifesaver easily available in any drugstore or Sephora. For those without abundant natural brow hairs, or want to tame the direction of brow growth, sweep a tinted or clear brow gel before heading out the house. Use the former with fibres to make your eyebrows fuller, and the latter to keep your eyebrows from looking unkempt.

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If you just have a few straggly outliers or remove a unibrow, tweeze them right off. To neaten your brows and keep them looking compact, use scissors and a comb. Simply comb through your brows, and trim off the ends of your eyebrows that go beyond your natural brow hairline for a polished look.

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