Bulgari’s Diva’s Dream Tourbillon Skeleton timepiece

The last few seasons have seen Bulgari’s Divas’ Dream line mould itself into one of the house’s signature ranges. As with its heritage, Bulgari looked to Roman history to evoke inspiration for the new additions to the Diva’s Dream collection. These new additions – the Divas’ Dream Tourbillon Skeleton models – are outstanding pieces of fine watchmaking and high jewellery.

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Setting one of the 24 brilliant-cut diamonds in the dial of the Diva’s Dream Tourbillon Skeleton watch.

The Divas’ Dream Tourbillon Skeleton watches feature a 37- millimetre case that is set with 76 brilliant-cut diamonds. The fan-shaped lug of the bracelet is fashion after the fan-shaped mosaics – a symbol of sophistication – that were seen on walls, paving and ceilings of the Caracalla Baths in 216 B.C. The models come with an alligator strap in either red or blue.

This post: Bulgari’s Diva’s Dream Tourbillon Skeleton timepiece

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The Diva’s Dream Tourbillon Skeleton watch with red alligator strap.

The draw of this timepiece, however, is the stunning dial that features an intricate and colourful depiction of nature. Jewellery artisans and experienced dial-makers came together to craft that dial of the Divas’ Dream Tourbillon Skeleton watches to show a colourful macaw parrot amidst exotic, lush foliage. The dainty dial is hand-worked using micro painting and enamelling, an extremely complex and meticulous process.

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The micro-painting and enamelling process.

Over a dozen colours, 24 brilliant-cut diamonds, and 20 layers of work are required to create the exquisite work of relief, contrast, light and shade that is seen in the dial. Some portions of the watch’s skeleton work are polished, while the rest are satin-brushed or circular-grained for an outstanding finish. Even more impressive, all these techniques are performed by hand. Because it is an extremely complex and arduous process to create each timepiece, the Divas’ Dream Tourbillon Skeleton timepiece is a limited edition one, marking only 50 pieces for each of its versions.

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The tourbillon – one of the most brilliant horological complications.

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