Calling all gamers — Gucci Gaming Academy and FACEIT want you

Gucci and FACEIT launched the Gucci Gaming Academy, a new programme to coach and support up-and-coming e-sports talents. With four rising stars already on the roll call, will you be its next freshman?

Perhaps the most important lesson we learned from “Gucci Gang“? Stay in school. In today’s case, the school is Gucci Gaming Academy, Gucci’s newest project — in collaboration with FACEIT — to help aspiring e-sports talents reach their full potential.

This post: Calling all gamers — Gucci Gaming Academy and FACEIT want you

Congratulations to CS:GO experts Lukasz “mwlky” Pachucki, Mārtiņš “shadiyy” Gūtmani, ​​Brajan “DGL” Lemecha, and Rokas “EspiranTo” Milasauskas. This lucky Eastern European quartet is the first group of members to be inducted into the academy, playing a pivotal role on revolutionising the landscape of the e-sports industry.

See, mum, e-sports is a real career and Gucci endorses it.

Gamers-in-Training: The Gucci Gaming Academy

Perks across the board

As expected, being taken under Gucci’s wing is in the gaming world all pros, no cons. Players will receive full-time mentorship from coaches, mental health support, world-class hardware and access to many other programmes to help enhance both in-game performance and overall well-being.

Think of it as a paid internship where your bosses do have your best interests in mind. Monthly financial support during one’s tenure, a team of professional strategists and coaches, well-being tips from the World Health Organisation, and more — all available until the player lands a contract and can stand on their own two feet. It’s Gucci Gaming Academy’s way of saying: “I am rooting for you. We are all rooting for you.”

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Where do I enrol?

In short, you flex, show off and be an alpha (ew, sorry) on FPL, FACEIT’s in-house league system. It takes a great talent to stand out among millions of active players, but an impeccable paragon to ace the interview and make the cut. Sharpen your skills today to impress all coaches online.

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