Captured: “Classic” in Sacoor Brothers by Fadza Ishak

When we found out that Sacoor Brothers would be reopening their Suria KLCC boutique, we asked if they could dress some of our #LSAfriends in their tailored garments and do a photoshoot. They gracefully agreed and so, we called up model Anthony Pang, media personality Hannah Tan and entrepreneur Idris Khan to attend a fitting with the Portuguese brand. On a balmy afternoon at the Lounge on the Park at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur — right before the launch party of the new Sacoor Brothers boutique at Suria KLCC — we got the three models to strike their best poses in their perfectly-tailored Sacoor Brothers apparel while photographer Fadza Ishak worked his magic with the camera.


This post: Captured: “Classic” in Sacoor Brothers by Fadza Ishak

Photographer: Fadza Ishak

Venue: Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Models: Anthony Pang, Hannah Tan and Idris Khan

Clothes: Sacoor Brothers


Source: Harta Chisinau
Category: Style

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