Cartier’s ‘Beautés du Monde’ collection captures beauty in its seven rings

To celebrate the varied beauty of Cartier’s precious stones in the Beautés du Monde, the Maison brings together seven rings in a High Jewellery Collection to highlight their relationship, expression and nuanced colour palettes.

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. This is the theme explored in the Beautés du Monde by Cartier, which knits together seven rings in a capsule collection — the High Jewellery Collection — and aims to take your eye on a journey from the depths of the sea to the far reaches of the sky, allowing you to see beyond just the surface.

This post: Cartier’s ‘Beautés du Monde’ collection captures beauty in its seven rings

Designed as if they were sculptures, each of these rings forms its own style. Together, they look into all the Maison’s areas of expression: geometry, movement, colour contrasts, flora and fauna. As part of the Cartier’s latest High Jewellery collection ‘Beautés du Monde’, the rings celebrate the beauty of the natural world and all that it makes up: age-old drawings in a biology book, mythological creatures and sea dragons, ammonite fossils and asteroids.

The rings in this collection are a true spectacle of colours, further enhanced by its interplay of stones. Each piece has its own statement to make — dazzling yet assertive all at once. One would be spoilt for choice when presented with the rings’ range of colours and shapes: boldly fronted with brown and yellow diamonds, tourmalines, emeralds and coloured sapphires. Completing the rings with an all-around luxurious feel, the rings are also coated with either white gold or platinum.

If you find yourself drawn to cooler colours, the Virdia ring — adorned with subtle green diamonds — might just tickle your fancy. The Amodea ring plays with more vivid colours and boasts a stunning purple spinel in its centre, which spirals out into a bewildering array of rubies.

For even more vibrancy, the Yasifan ring is fixed with a tourmaline gemstone at its core while coated with rubies and diamonds along its white gold band. The Tilasm ring shines within the High Jewellery collection, in all its colourful glory, and features a dual front embellished in pink sapphires, spinels and diamonds.

For the jeweller, the stone is a journey. It’s clear that the stones have been carefully chosen and crafted into the rings that make up the capsule collection — a true testament to the originality of Cartier’s choices. And through this collection, the Maison aims to explore new, more tender and nuanced colour palettes that include fresh, and even punchy tones.

To learn more about the Beautés du Monde High Jewellery collection by Cartier, head to its official website.

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