Caviar unveils iced-out $21K Apple iPhone XS Max ‘Swiss Dreams’

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This post: Caviar unveils iced-out $21K Apple iPhone XS Max ‘Swiss Dreams’

2018 may as well be called the year of excess and innovation, and balancing both in style is Caviar. The Russian accessory maker, known to be the enfant terrible of the industry having created a solar-energy powered smartphone and a $41,000 diamond studded Apple watch, has added a new piece to its repertoire – the Caviar iced-out iPhone XS Max is their latest fusion design which unites an Apple iPhone with the Apple watch.

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The ‘iPhone XS Max Swiss Dreams Watchphone’ features a gold exterior, which is one of the reasons it costs approximately 15 times the price of a standard 512 GB iPhone XS Max. The other reason is the stunning Apple Watch Series 4, which sits comfortably on the phone’s rear, enriched in pure gold. It is currently priced at $20,850 (and going up to $21,530 for the 512 GB variant). 

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n terms of specifications, the Apple Watch Series 4 comes with everything an Apple Watch comes with and more. The strap has electroplated-gold layering adding to its allure, while Caviar’s signature gold plated ‘Crown’ is an optional enhancement. The iPhone residing underneath the gold and watch packs an A12 bionic neural processor, Apple’s best yet. Updated to an iOS 12, the smartphone is capable of out-doing your personal computer with its 640bit hecto-core engine. The device stretches 6.5 inches like a standard iPhone and photographs with a 12 MP hybrid camera, which is slightly enhanced compared to its true model.  

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“The design of this smartphone is a story about how the world changes, how modern achievements conquer it and create a new vision, new references, new values, and new philosophy,” said the spokesperson at Caviar. They say this in respect to the luxe globe design featured on the smartphone’s rear, that also expresses their global expansion over the years.  

Let’s not forget that Caviar is known for these extravagances – they even put a gold-trimmed solar charging panel on their other phones. They are also known to sell gold-plated Apple Watch individually for US$3,000 while offering other watch-inspired iPhone editions for a mere $4,000 to $5,000. And that’s the sole reason why this indulgence is tricky. But then, innovation is the mother of extravagance, and the Caviar iced-out iPhone XS Max is here to stay.  

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