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CHAKO sparkling tea cocktail launch and more

There may not be a ray of sunlight nor another long weekend holiday in sight, but one thing to look forward to this week after Burger Circus’s fascinating Ho Lee Chick? This week’s round-up of New Eats.

Hope you’ve made good use of the sunshine weather this past weekend, now that forecasts are pointing towards nine long days of rain. But don’t fret, this week’s New Eats is a very thoughtful list of experiences you can enjoy indoors, from a Hainanese chicken burger at Burger Circus that’ll take you to sunny Singapore climes to a sparkling tea cocktail that’ll inspire picnic afternoons indoors. Otherwise, there’s a refreshing list of summer-friendly serves: New York cheesecake or soy milk flan drizzled with soy sauce caramel, anyone?

This post: CHAKO sparkling tea cocktail launch and more

Ho Lee Chick at Burger Circus

new eats 6 june burger circus
Why we're jetting off to Singapore for the rum festival next long weekend 7

Loyal devotees will know of Burger Circus’s Burger of The Month, a series featuring creative riffs on the fast-food classic by the group’s roster of talented chefs. For the month of June, and just in time to kick off the summer season, it’s Ho Lee Chick by chef ArChan Chan of Ho Lee Fook. Stuffed between two golden-toasted buns is a lemongrass- and turmeric-marinated chicken thigh, cucumber slices, coriander and lettuce for a layered recreation of Singapore’s famous Hainanese Chicken Rice — chef ArChan’s own favourite during her time in the city. Like the dish, Ho Lee Chick comes slathered in a smattering of condiments including chilli sauce, spring onions and ginger mayo.

Burger Circus, 22 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2878 7787

Mora’s brand new Characters of Soy

new eats 6 june mora
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There is just one main ingredient at Vicky Lau’s Mora, but the one ingredient — soy — is prepared ever so extensively here. Following the restaurant’s exploration on the superfood, the new tasting lunch and dinner menus continue through the various textural palates of soy, including silken, crisp, jade, dew and ice. While old favourites, cold noodle in soy milk chicken bouillon and one-sided crispy threadfin, remain, new additions include mapo tofu remade with lobster, “Thousand” tofu-sheet served with shima-aji tartare served during the lunch session; and the sea urchin, octopus and crab served over a sesame tofu foam and smoked eel terrine in the evening.

Mora, 40 Upper Lascar Row, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, +852 9583 8590

Kyle & Bain introduces new cocktails and bar snacks

new eats 6 june kb
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Now that bars are back open and weekly scheduled visits to well-missed drinking dens are on the agenda, make sure to keep a slot open for martini-bar-slash-speakeasy, Kyle & Bain. Head mixologist — and current beverage director of Leading Nation group — John Nugent and bar manager Lee Morris have created an all-new menu of cocktails inspired by notable, era-defining recipes all finished with a K&B twist. Split into four segments, the menu covers Timeless, of enduring librations such as the Gimlet; El Dorado Gambling Saloon, as a nod to Jerry Thomas, the godfather of the modern cocktails, with Old Fashioned and Ice House Punch; Playboy Club, after Hugh Hefner’s successful Chicago opening in 1960 with (Not The Diplomat) Gibson and Jungle Bird; and lastly, Rainbow Room, named after the ’80s and ’90s elite New York club of the same name, also the venue where the Cosmopolitan gained its fame.

Accompanying the beverage list is bar snacks from chef Mario Paecke’s intimate dining room below, Margo. The menu takes notes of chef Paecke’s German roots in dishes like currywurst, served with Paecke’s special curry ketchup; Waldorf Tart, topped with green apple, Hokkaido scallop and Kaviari Kristal caviar; and Tartare on Sourdough of hand-cut Alexandre Pommard sirloin with finely diced pearl onion and Belper Knolle.

Kyle & Bain, Shop 6, 9 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2222 2345

Mixologists Antonio Lai and Alex Ko debuts CHAKO

new eats 6 june chako
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Tea cocktails have enjoyed quite a moment in Hong Kong, marked by dedicated bars and now, the exciting new launch of CHAKO, a canned sparkling iteration of ready-to-drink tea cocktails. Founded by reputed world-class mixologist Antonio Lai and Hong Kong award-winning mixologist Alex Ko, CHAKO is the latest answer to easy summertime drinking that still promises honest bartended quality. Manufactured locally, the inaugural launch of CHAKO introduces three flavours, all made with the base foundation of freshly brewed tea: Peach & Ginger Oolong, Apple & Elderflower White Tea and Mango & Blood Orange Tie Guan Yin. They’re made with the natural sweetness of fruit extracts that is low in sugar and carefully paired to a complementary spirit of choosing — vodka for the oolong, and gin for the white tea and tie guan yin.

Order here

Sbakery by Mama Soo opens in Sheung Wan

new eats 6 june mama soo
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Following its pop-up at Tsim Sha Tsui’s Harbour City, Sbakery by Mama Soo is unveiling their first brick-and-mortar of its own in the quiet Tai Ping Shan neighbourhood. The self-proclaimed New York cheesecake experts are baking and serving their coveted range of classic creamy cheesecakes set atop a buttery crust in flavours including Apple Crumble, Blueberry, Tiramisu and the ever-popular favourite, Original. They open today — 6 June! — so be sure to brave rainy showers and head over for a celebratory 10 percent off.

Sbakery by Mama Soo, Shop B, G/F, 22-24a Tai Ping Shan, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Lead image courtesy of Kyle & Bain

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