Delfi Orchard is your next style and wellness destination in town

While Singapore is home to malls at just about every corner, there aren’t many that tick as many boxes as Delfi Orchard does.

The locale sees itself situated along the quieter stretch of Orchard Road, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t buzzing with activity. Apart from local labels that allow you to create your own pieces of bespoke jewellery and activities for the whole family to enjoy, it’s also home to a whole range of wellness brands that’ll have you rejuvenated both inside and out.

Here’s our guide to Delfi Orchard’s best offerings:

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Aqua Hair Korean Salon

This post: Delfi Orchard is your next style and wellness destination in town

There’s nothing like a good updo to match your new clothes. After all, there’s no point in dressing cute with a messy hairdo, right? If you’re in need of a hair refresh, head straight to Aqua Hair Korean Salon. They’re home to experienced senior hair designers from Korea, all with one vision in mind: reliability, quality, and transparency for every customer, every time. The best part? They’ve got a S$400 value pack that entitles you to 10 percent off* hair services, and a S$800 value pack that entitles you 20 percent off* all hair services. Not only do these value packs never expire, they are also shareable, so you can use them with as many loved ones as you like.

*Terms and conditions apply.


402 Orchard Rd, #03-16 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876

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Benny’s Gems Creations

We’re all about supporting local these days. At Benny’s Gems Creations, you’ll be able to find bespoke fine jewellery pieces for every occasion, where each piece is completely unique to one another. To supplement your creation, Benny’s Gems also has more than 800 loose gems (one of the largest collections in town!) and a team of designers and a master craftsman too. Pro tip: they’re hosting a special storewide sale this June, so keep an eye out for that.


402 Orchard Rd, #01-10/11 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876

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Besides a medley of shopping options, Delfi Orchard is also home to a whole host of activities you can take part in while you’re in the area. Clay Cove, for instance, teaches the art of pottery-making to children and adults, which is a great bonding activity for guests of all ages while promoting creativity. Parents who wish to spend quality time with their young ones can sign up for the two-session programme — a S$200 therapeutic experience that’ll see you creating your very own cups and saucers, which you’ll get to use after the firing process.


402 Orchard Rd, #04-05 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876

CSUE SG wellness Lynn and Sumeis Yoga Class min


COMO Shambhala Urban Escape

With today’s hustle and bustle, it’s more important than ever to make a conscious effort towards mindfulness and mental well-being. At COMO Shambhala Urban Escape, you’ll be able to reconnect with your mind and body through a whole series of yoga and pilates classes, from Hatha, Vinyasa and Prenatal to Core Barre and Pilates with props. Newcomers to COMO can also enjoy special prices as well — a single trial session will only set you back a neat S$35, while the one-week unlimited trial and the five-class trial (to be used within two weeks) will cost S$70 and S$99 respectively.


402 Orchard Rd, #06-01/02 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876

faciaginza 3 1522997749.2716

You’ve definitely heard of Facia Ginza if you’re into facial slimming procedures. The locale is known for their Signature Small Face Care, a non-invasive experience that’s developed by a team of osteopathic doctors. Here, the procedure stimulates your bones through your muscle to promote blood circulation and discharge of waste substance from the skin, which in turn creates a V-shape face, restores facial symmetry and reduces facial sagging. Apart from these physical beauty benefits, it also improves eye strain and relieves guests from stiff shoulders and neck. Be right back, we’re booking an appointment now.


402 Orchard Rd, #04-20 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876

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Health meets bespoke wellness here at FHYSIO. The wellness centre is the only locale in Singapore that personalises your massage experience through a series of thorough assessments by their in-house physiotherapist and senior wellness therapists — the best experience made just for you. P.S. First timers to FHYSIO can enjoy a 40 percent discount on the Personalised Massage Therapy service.


402 Orchard Rd, #02-01/02 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876

billie 5OXE3KjDEfI unsplash

It’s time to give your feet some good loving after spending a day exploring Delfi Orchard. For the ultimate R&R, spend your evening at Footsie Wellness, home to restorative treatments and nail services. Highly skilled and experienced therapists? Check. Relaxing treatments? Check again. Say no more, we’re heading there ASAP.

(Image credit: Billie on Unsplash)


402 Orchard Rd, #02-15/16 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876

the wiz korean hair salon


The WIZ Korean Hair Salon

Want to look like your favourite K-Pop idol or actor? Look no further than The WIZ Korean Hair Salon, where a professional team of Korean hairstylists are ready to transform you with a personalised K-beauty experience. Here, you’ll get customised beauty solutions that will help you achieve your dream look, whether it’s soft long waves or side down perms for men. The salon also prides itself on offering Korean perms that are easy to maintain and natural.


402 Orchard Rd, #04-28 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876

the canary diamond


The Canary Diamond Co.

Since it was founded in 2000, The Canary Diamond Co. has been one of Singapore’s most sought-after fine jeweller for its commitment to sourcing only the highest quality, ethically-sourced diamonds and gemstones from around the world. Inspired by master designers and craftsman who worked in his father’s shop, William Lam worked hard to hone his skills as a jeweller, and it wasn’t long before he too become a stalwart in the industry. Expect to find the most precious pieces of jewellery that are destined to become heirlooms here.


402 Orchard Rd, #01-12 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876

the body firm

Unlike the other establishments that offer a one-size-fits-all approach to body and face treatments, The Body Firm believes in customised holistic treatments that are not only kinder to your body, but also more effective in helping you achieve your desired goals. One-on-one consultations are central to the experience here, where experienced staff will take the time to understand your body and skin conditions, as well as your needs, before drawing up a targeted treatment plan that will give you the most long-lasting results.

New clients will get to enjoy special promotions, which includes a choice of two of its three award-winning Fat Burning Treatments at S$68 nett (U.P. S$598). The first 50 clients will also receive a welcome gift (worth S$18) when they book an appointment.

*Terms & conditions apply.


402 Orchard Rd, #01-04 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876

the aesthetics chapter


The Aesthetic Chapter

If the pandemic has sucked the life out of you, you’re not alone. Thankfully, The Aesthetic Chapter has several medical-grade beauty treatments that will restore the glow back to your face. Its Hydrafacial, for example, uses a unique, patented Vortex-Fusion delivery system to exfoliate, extract impurities, and hydrate the skin simultaneously, leaving you with clearer and healthier skin. The EndyMed 3DEEP RF is another non-invasive aesthetic treatment that tightens and contours the face and body, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Clients trying these treatments out for the first time will enjoy a special price of S$100 each.


402 Orchard Rd, #03-11/19 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876

tailor chan

Buying a suit can be a tricky affair, and while buying off-the-rack is common practice here, trust us when we say that there’s nothing quite as spiffy as a tailored one. Established in 1986, Tailor Chan has earned itself a reputation for making some of the best bespoke suits and shirts in Singapore. Only fabrics from the finest mills are used here, each cut to perfection under the trained hands of Master Tailor Kelvin Chan. 


402 Orchard Rd, #02-04 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876

star optical

For a one-stop solution for all your eye care needs, Star Optical is your best bet, especially since it offers everything from eye examinations and myopia management, to contact lenses and customised spectacle fittings. Here, choose from a wide range of stylish frames, and get expert opinion on the best way to manage your eye care needs. 

Star Optical is offering 30 percent off its frames, as well as up to 50 percent off its lenses now. Enjoy an additional 10 percent discount for Contact Lens Bundles and free delivery with a minimum purchase of two boxes.


402 Orchard Rd, #02-03 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876

RebalanceSG 4 edited


Rebalance Integrated Therapy Clinic

Suffering from aches after being hunched over a desk all day? You’re not alone. Rebalance Integrated Therapy Clinic harnesses a unique methodology that marries both fascia stretch therapy with traditional bone-setting techniques to bring optimal skeletal alignment back. The treatments also prime your body’s natural ability to heal from aches and pains in the long run. First timers can enjoy 20 percent off the usual rate of S$150.


402 Orchard Rd, #04-02 Delfi Orchard, Singapore 238876


There are few things in life as satisfying and pampering as a good manicure, and Painted Nail Bar knows this all too well. Here, the nail salon offers everything from gel and acrylic nail services to cuticle care, so you’re in good hands especially if you’re prepping for a big event. Our favourite part of its signature treatment? The extra nourishing vitamin-rich blend of oil that nourishes the cuticles from within, leaving you with healthier nails and a manicure that lasts longer.


Delfi Orchard, 402 Orchard Road, 01-06, Singapore 238876

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