Dia Mirza talk about the need for change to avert the climate crisis

Dia Mirza has been a strong advocate for the environment and has actively been a voice of urgency and reasoning when it come to the climate crisis. The actor and environmentalist has not only spoken of change but has also shown the world how a small alteration in day to day life can cause a ripple effect. 

Dia Mirza talks about the urgency for change:

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This post: Dia Mirza talk about the need for change to avert the climate crisis

Dia Mirza, who has spoken of sustainable living and being conscious of how your actions affect the environment, has quantified the urgency to the next eight year. She spoke of how immediate action is needed for humanity to avert the crisis and extend the plant’s life and their existence. 

Speaking to Lifestyle Asia Indian about how important and urgent the next few years will be, Dia elaborated on the crisis that is now a triple throat to the human existence. She said, “Well, you said it, it is a crisis, and there’s no other way of saying it or looking at it. It’s a triple planetary crisis. There’s crisis of climate change, a crisis of biodiversity loss, and a crisis of pollution. And where do we stand? I think if I choose to be optimistic, I would say we stand at a very important juncture in human history where our actions in this decade, within these eight years, can change the future entirely. If we manage to half our fossil fuel emissions by 2030, we hope to not increase the global temperatures beyond 1.5 degrees. If we don’t do that, there can be an increase up to four degrees. And the difference between that 1.5 and 4 will be huge. We will have heat waves that will be unsurvivable. We will have flooding and rainfall, which will, again be unsurvivable. If we don’t fix this problem within this decade, it’s going to be very hard life for everyone, everywhere.” 

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