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Drip therapy comes to India at Issac Luxe with Dr.Geetika Mittal

We all know what we eat has an effect on our skin and body (including those fries you had last night). While we may do our best by popping supplements to increasing our immunity or those Vitamin E pills to get that lit-from-within glow, it may just not be enough. Since we absorb only 30% (at the max), there had to another way to holistic beauty. Enter drip therapy, the newest and most Instagram-ed beauty treatment at the moment. Unlike supplements which our absorbed anywhere between 5-30%, “there is 100% absorption when we infuse these vitamins straight into the bloodstream,” explains Dr. Mittal. While vitamin IV drips have already caught on as a trend in UK and US, it has just made its entry to India at ISAAC Luxe by New Delhi, based dermatologist, Dr. Geetika Mittal.

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This post: Drip therapy comes to India at Issac Luxe with Dr.Geetika Mittal

What Is Drip Therapy?

To put it simply, drip therapy is the new way to make sure your body gets all its nutrients that are often lagging in our diets. Intravenous therapies with vitamins B, C, Co-Q10 and glutathione are the newest, most upgraded way to get your body in sync. From Kendall Jenner to Rihanna and Madonna, (the Royal family too might I add), drip therapy has managed to get many eyeballs globally. 

So how does it work?

After a thorough check up that includes a client’s medical history, you’re advised to take one of the drips depending on your lifestyle and health. Currently, there are 5 different vitamin therapies at ISAAC Luxe that help recover from dehydration, flus and hangovers too.“Hydromax is great for marathon runners but something like Vitaglow which has vitamin C, glutathione and a mixture of antioxidants helps better your skin inside out and is great for brides-to-be,” says Dr. Geetika. Is there any pain, you asked? You feel a prick of the needle but after that there is no pain. The infusion runs anywhere between 30-40 minutes. Clients have been seeing comfy enough to sip on their chamomile tea while updating their Instagram.

That’s not all that’s being injected: apart from IV drips, the lab also offers booster shots of pure Vitamin B 12 (great for focus and mood), Co-Q10, a coenzyme that heals the body from inside that also revs up your glow, as well as glutathione.

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We know what you’re thinking: just how safe is this?

Things can go wrong when you don’t have a complete medical history or when doctors start making their own concoctions, “This is the reason why I got a reputed brand like Reviv to my clinic. They are in over 80 locations globally and thoroughly well-researched and formulated too.”

Apart from mild bruising, clients are often back to their lives, uninterrupted feeling rejuvenated and energised. If you’re opting for these therapies, you can see their effects last for upto a month. “We advise our clients to do it 1-2 times a month and they cost anywhere between Rs 8000- Rs 18000, says Dr. Mittal.

Know amore about Drip Therapy at Isaac Luxe. 

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