ESPRIT is back — and throwing a block party in Hong Kong to celebrate

ESPRIT is partying it up with DJ-musicians Peggy Gou and Simon Dominic in light of their relaunch, their new e-commerce site and their first-ever collaboration capsule collection: with Korean brand Rest & Recreation.

Amidst the ‘PizzaExpress is now on Foodpanda‘ and ‘New Avocado Bacon Burgers at Shake Shack!‘ fliers papier-mâchéd atop so many surfaces in Hong Kong at the moment, you might have also seen some of Ms. Peggy Gou, against a white background, looking pretty dapper in knits and shades and face-framing braids. And with good reason. ESPRIT has tapped Korean DJ-musicians Gou and Simon Dominic as faces of the relaunch — maybe you’ve seen Gou streaming live against the misty vista of the Han River in Seoul outfitted in, yes, ESPRIT — and as faces for the brand’s first-ever collaborative capsule collection with Korean label Rest & Recreation, founded by none other than fleamadonna’s Kim Ji-eun.

This post: ESPRIT is back — and throwing a block party in Hong Kong to celebrate

ESPRIT x Rest & Recreation:

ESPRIT, founded in 1968 in San Francisco, California, is the kind of brand that rose and rose astronomically, then fell and, now, is rising yet again in cultural currency. Whether you remember the brand as a socio-cultural powerhouse that defined what it means to be hippy-dippy youths in the ’90s (The brand had a controversial ad campaign that ran on MTV, positing the question: “What would you do to make the world better?” to 200,000 young people in 1991. The answers were, as you can imagine, controversial. It also featured a young Gwyneth Paltrow), or a brand for colourful basics, or, even, a flailing outlet-mall brand, ESPRIT has history — and this is just their newest chapter.

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