Everything about Frederique Constant’s analog-digital Hybrid Manufacture

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This post: Everything about Frederique Constant’s analog-digital Hybrid Manufacture

The latest from Swiss watchmaker Frederique Constant is a collection of timepieces that combine their watchmaking prowess and aesthetics with modern-day analog-digital influences.The Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture Capsule, a quintessential crossbreed smartwatch, offers the classic elegance of an analog dial but with the calibration of next generation digital support. This is a contemporary watch, which gracefully balances tradition with style, becomes available in India next month.

FC Hybrid Manufacture FC 750MC4H6

Touted as the first of its kind, this unique timepiece uses automatic mechanisms as well as digital. It boasts an in-house movement with a FC-750 caliber that is automatic but also requires electronic support for its digital alter-ego. Having a 42-hour-power reserve and seven days of battery life, the timepiece also has a revolutionary dual power reserve. Ideally, a mechanism that eliminated the use of a charger completely would have been a welcome addition but this timepiece does comes with an easy-to-carry charger that more than makes up for it. The endeavour to create this technology began with its predecessor, the Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch that operated with the standard smartwatch mechanism.

FC Hybrid Manufacture Workshop 1

“We were the first Swiss watch manufacturer to introduce the Horological Smart Watch in 2015. Now, we are the first to combine a Manufacture Mechanical Caliber with a smartwatch functionality,” said Peter Stas, founder of Frederique Constant.

The analytical support from the smartwatch is displayed using a smartphone app called the Hybrid Manufacture, which is available on iOS and Android operating systems. The timepiece comes with an updated and dynamic activity tracker that records and analyses steps, distance and idle time. If you allow the device’s fitness capabilities to operate at maximum efficiency, it prompts fitness milestones the wearer must achieve, and overall dynamic direction based on the wearer’s input and intentions.

FC Hybrid Manufacture Workshop 2

Besides fitness, the timepiece focuses on leisure as well, by recording sleep and how efficient your sleep was. It’s definitely unique to find an all-round watch with day and night activity tracking, a big win according to us. Club this with chronometre capabilities that can run mechanically on the smartwatch as well as your smartphone with dual timezone display options and you have a winner.

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