Fendi signs two-year deal with Italian football club AS Roma

Post launching its recent Fendance collection, luxury fashion brand Fendi has partnered with popular Italian football club, AS Roma, for the upcoming Italian League Football Seasons 2022-2023 and 2023-2024.

The team players will get their official off-field wardrobe from the LVMH-owned label.

This post: Fendi signs two-year deal with Italian football club AS Roma

As per Tagwalk, Fendi’s Chairman and CEO, Serge Brunschwig said, “This unprecedented partnership between Fendi and AS Roma originated from the common values and origins we share, celebrating the city of Rome and two firms that were founded here, one shortly after the other.”

Here’s all we know about the Fendi-AS Roma partnership

The new wardrobe

The wardrobe has been designed keeping craftsmanship in mind, while affirming Fendi’s code of tradition and innovation.

All team members are to get both formal and casual looks in dark blue outfits symbolising elegance and sophistication, along with yellow and dark red, the official colours of the Roman football team. The supreme-quality materials are sourced from Italy.

Additionally, the looks are designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi, who is the artistic director of accessories and menswear at Fendi.

Also, glimpses from the off-field kits will be seen, during the beginning of the 2022-23 Italian League Serie A matches in August end.

According to Tagwalk, Venturini Fendi said, “The idea within this collaboration is to reinterpret Fendi’s and AS Roma’s codes and values creating a meeting point between the sports and fashion world through a common denominator, Roman roots and a strong link to the eternal city”.

Leaning on Roman roots

Of late the Italian luxury fashion house has inclined more towards its heritage. It changed its logo, by adding the subtext ‘ROMA’, in 2013 too.

Fendi has also staged shows at Rome’s Trevi Fountain in 2016 and Colosseum in 2019.

Over the years, it has also donated funds for some key renovations at the Italian capital.

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