First look: The ultra-luxurious HP Spectre laptop

Lust over the world’s thinnest laptop and immerse yourself in the most luxurious gadget to-date. Artistically built to reinvent your obsession with style, the all-new HP Spectre is designed to complement your lifestyle with unrivalled performance and striking craftsmanship. For the people who value the design and aesthetics of technology as much as its functionality, HP has crafted (yes, crafted) HP Spectre, a laptop that is the world’s thinnest at 10.4 millimetres (the width of a AAA battery), and most luxurious. For starters, the HP Spectre has been hailed as “one of a kind”, “the sexiest Windows laptop you can imagine”, and even the “most beautiful laptop”.

Sleek, sexy and super luxurious.

Get the look and stand out in style

This post: First look: The ultra-luxurious HP Spectre laptop

Using artisan materials like double aluminium and carbon fibre, and drawing inspiration from high-end furniture details for its nearly-hingeless look, HP has fashioned an exceptional laptop that shows off remarkable and nearly-seamless perfection. Its dazzling design definitely has a powerful impact, making the HP Spectre stand out from the crowd.

The HP Spectre’s nearly-hingeless look is inspired by high-end furniture details.

Let’s also marvel at the fact that this piece of art is also an amazing 1.1 kilograms. These super-thin and featherweight facets make the HP Spectre super-easy to slip into your bag or even a leather folio to be carried around anywhere you go. Because of its stylish look, this laptop also complements your everyday style, whatever it may be.

The HP Spectre’s black and bronze colour is a lesson in the beauty of contrast. From its two-tone finish exterior to its edge-to-edge Corning Gorilla glass, backlit keyboard and glass trackpad, every detail of the HP Spectre has been curated for exceptional experience.

At only 1.1 kilograms, the HP Spectre can easily be slipped into your favourite tote and carried along anywhere you go.

On the inside

Besides a striking exterior, the inner workings of the HP Spectre are just as impressive. Battery life – a concern to everybody who owns a laptop – is extended by four polymer hybrid battery cells (an HP first!) that is distributed throughout the device to maximise battery capacity. This allows the HP Spectre to work longer on just a single charge.

HP took a special approach to cooling the Spectre (because overheating is also a concern, especially with multiple battery cells) using a breakthrough hyperbaric cooling technology from Intel. This technology works to draw cool air into the device as opposed to venting out the heat. The hyperbaric cooling technology – coupled with the computer’s powerful Intel i5 and i7 processors – allows for optimum functionality without overheating.

The HP Spectre is screen is a 13.3-inch HD IPS display with ultra wide angles.

Here comes the fun

From listening to Spotify at work, binging on Netflix every weekend, and longingly flipping through photographs from our last beach vacation (because withdrawals), our laptops double as entertainment consoles too. HP loaded the Spectre with only the best visual and audio devices to ensure that its users would experience entertainment to the fullest with having to compromise on quality. Every crisp frame and pixel comes to you from a full 13.3-inch HD IPS display with ultra wide angles, and every note you hear is presented by dual HP speakers – custom tuned by the audio experts at Bang & Olufsen – with HP audio boost for impeccable clarity and dynamic sound.

Entertainment on the HP Spectre is a crystal-clear and dynamic-sounding experience.

The HP Spectre is available at HP retailers for RM5,999 for the Intel Core i5 variant, and RM6,900 the Intel Core i7 one. You can also purchase your HP Spectre online here.

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