Gucci collaborates with Oura to launch a 18K gold smart ring

Oura, the Finnish health start-up known for the Oura Ring, has just announced a collaboration with luxury Italian fashion house Gucci to deliver a new smart ring: the Gucci x Oura Ring.

It combines Oura’s sleek design with the Italian brand’s classic interlocking ‘G’ monogram and braided torchon pattern in 18-carat yellow gold.

This post: Gucci collaborates with Oura to launch a 18K gold smart ring

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About the Gucci x Oura Ring

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The Gucci x Oura Ring is made of titanium with a black physical vapour deposition (PVD) coating. It weighs just four grams and is 0.3 inches thick.

The ring, which comes in Gucci-inspired packaging, is water-resistant up to 100 metres and is fitted with a rechargeable battery that has an average life of four to seven days. A charger is provided along with the ring as well.

Those wanting to buy the ring will have to consult the size guide on Gucci’s official website or at stores, as it differs from Oura’s general sizing information.

Features of the ring

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The beautiful ring, which combines luxury with healthcare, is equipped with the latest Oura Gen3 technology and has the same features found on Oura’s Gen3 Rings.

It has seven temperature sensors and three LED sensors. Wearers can monitor their sleep, activity, heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and movement. The features also include personal insights,  guided and unguided audio sessions from a curated library and period prediction.

All the information can be obtained from the Oura App available on iOS and Google Play stores.

Lifetime membership and pricing

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The Gucci x Oura Ring comes with a Lifetime Membership, which is available the moment the ring is paired with the Oura App. The membership will be valid till the user keeps the same active account. The ring comes with a warranty.

Oura says that owners of the company’s Gen2 or Gen3 Ring cannot exchange their wearable for the new ring. However, data on the Oura Gen2 or Gen3 Ring can be saved before using the Gucci x Oura Ring.

The ring is available only at select Gucci retail stores and for USD 950 (approx. THB 32,420).

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