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Here’s how to deal with your pregnancy mood swings

Shuffling between unadulterated joy and anticipation of what’s coming ahead and utter despair and breakdowns, pregnancy is nothing short of an emotional rollercoaster. Pregnancy mood swings are real and here’s how you can deal with them.

Rapid emotive change, emotions fluctuating from fear to fury, the causes of mood swings are plenty; from the change your hormones go through, to the physical discomfort of carrying a human baby within, and of course, the constant worry of what’s coming ahead. Your oestrogen levels are at an all-time high during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, increasing by more than 100 times. This reacts with serotonin, causing emotional dysregulation. But we are here to help you figure out how to combat and how to manage mood swings in the healthiest possible way. If you are bothered by your pregnancy mood swings, you are at the right place.

This post: Here’s how to deal with your pregnancy mood swings

How to deal with pregnancy mood swings

Do not feel guilty about your mood swings

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Yes, it is normal to feel that way. When you are constantly oscillating between happiness, soaring joy, anxiety, depression, and an inexplicable lowness, it takes a toll on your mental health. Result? You end up snapping a lot of times at your partner or people around you. And when the senses kick in, it is normal to feel guilty for being so difficult. But cut yourself some slack. Pregnancy mood swings is a real thing, and nobody around you will understand that. You will not be able to go about it if you don’t stop carrying around guilt.

Eat a healthy diet

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Of course, you have heard this multiple times from your doctor, concerned relatives and everyone around you. But we cannot stress enough how important a healthy diet is for you. It contributes to your and your child’s health for sure, but it also helps stabilise your pregnancy mental health too. With small meals and constant healthy snacks, you will never be ‘hangry’.

Do not compromise on your sleep

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When you do not sleep enough, that will lead to fatigue, one of the biggest triggers of pregnancy mood swings. In your first trimester, you will always be tired, as your body is still getting used to the raging hormones. In your third trimester too, comfort becomes a priority. So, make sleep an indispensable part of your pregnancy routine. Wherever you can nap, take one. It’s going to help you a lot with your pregnancy mood swings if you are well-rested.

Do lightweight exercises

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Physical workout and mental health are directly related, even more so in pregnancy. Whenever you’re feeling low or stressed, consider doing some lightweight cardio exercises. Go for a walk or go swimming. Extra brownie points if you can throw in some outdoor activities. The fresh air and hormone boost after a workout do a great deal in dealing with your pregnancy mood swings. If you can’t throw in a workout routine, just simply stretch and move your body.

Do not ditch your prenatal appointments

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A lot of your pregnancy mood swings happen due to the anxiety of the unforseen future and the fact that your life is going to change once the baby arrives. That leads to discomfort and of course, apprehension of what’s about to come. When you regularly see your doctor and provider, that gives you a chance to talk about everything that’s going on in your mind, your issues and concerns, if any. Words of affirmation from a professional is a great way to deal with pregnancy mood swings.

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