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Hins Cheung takes to the Metaverse with Hertz City NFT project

Hins Cheung — singer, songwriter, producer, restaurateur, honorary doctorate holder and now, mayor of his own metaverse town, Hertz City. Join the official Discord server today to secure your whitelist and save the dates for pop-up events in the future.

Pardon my boomer mindset, but the only force pushing me to learn about the Metaverse and NFTs (or whatever else the young, successful and rich people are into these days) is Hins Cheung’s latest “Hertz NFT” project.

This post: Hins Cheung takes to the Metaverse with Hertz City NFT project

If you are at all familiar with Hins’ resume, the popular Korean online game TalesRunner will certainly ring a bell. Lending this fantastical masterpiece his voice and a couple hits back in the early 2000’s, Hins left a lasting impression with his imaginative vision and playful prospect.

Today, it’s almost déjà vu that Hertz City is making its global debut. This virtual city within the endless bounds of the Sandbox metaverse is a theme park of NFT games from which you earn points to level up your stats. Taking a pensive, heavyhearted narrative best suiting its cyberpunk setting, Hertz City sits amidst a cloud of dystopian gloom, welcoming you with the somehow ominous forewords: “Everybody has different heartbeats, but not all of them have access to Hertz City. Passing the pulse rate test = Admission”.

Sounds like a vibe check to me — if you want to claim citizenship in Hertz City, join the official Discord server today to receive news on upcoming flash games, singing contests and fan art activities: your whitelist and mintlist depend on it (no pressure though). Happy gaming!

The Hertz City FanWiki

The Lore

Your canon universe is Hinsland, which is divided into HighlandCherlas and Hertz City with Cherlas and his twin Hertz as their respective rulers.

Who are you? You are a resident of Hertz City, an underground dweller bearing the burden of sorrow and broken dreams. Your goal? To strengthen your tribe by means of expansion and improvement, until the day you surpass those who call HighlandCherlas home.

The Timeline

With the Hertz Discord server’s 16 May launch, the commencement of the metaverse city itself will not be too far down the line. Aspiring city planners and contributors will find the pre-launch community activities a great way to span their influence; while NFT beginners will harvest much fruit from the incorporated crash course for newbies.

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