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How to get party perfect skin with SK-II

Have you started planning your year-end parties? No matter if you’re hosting or attending, it’s always important to put a fresh face forward. Party makeup has to be one of our favourite looks to experiment with, also because it’s a whole lot of fun!

As all beauty gurus would advise, one of the most important things when it comes to applying makeup is the base layer. Not preparing the skin properly will only result in makeup that looks dry and cake-y, and over a period of time, cause damage to your skin.

This post: How to get party perfect skin with SK-II

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Containing more than 90% SK-II’s iconic Pitera essence, this facial treatment essence will boost radiance and moisture content for your skin just in time for party season. Photo credit: Alia Wilhelm

It is fundamental to ensure your skin is well moisturised and ready to be layered upon. We like to use a good facial essence like the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence with its iconic Pitera formula that will help combat dehydration from alcohol consumption and keep skin moisturised even in a dry, air conditioned environment. The Pitera essence also helps smoothen the skin’s surface texture and even out skin tone, acting as a pre-foundation.

Once the partying is over, it’s time to cleanse your skin to let it breathe and rejuvenate. The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is also perfect for doing just that — to replenish any lost moisture and to restore your skin’s natural glow — so you can wake up the next morning with glowing skin.

If you’re lucky enough to be travelling to a colder place for Christmas (a proper white Christmas!), make sure to stay extra hydrated both by drinking water and feeding your skin moisture. Nobody wants to have dry and flaky skin on holiday (or ever, really), and the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is here to give you that natural glow and keep your skin plump and healthy.

Crystal Clear Skin Set
SK-II wants you to party with crystal clear skin this holiday season.

Ready to get the luxurious SK-II Facial Treatment Essence yet? Besides the obvious benefits to your skin, it also makes a great gift for loved ones this season. Drawing inspiration from the ancient art of Japanese marbling also known as Suminagashi, each SK-II Facial Treatment Essence comes in a beautiful limited-edition bottle with Suminagashi-inspired artwork and packaging in festive red, blue or green.

The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence also comes in gift sets that meet specific skincare needs, for example there’s the SK-II Glowing Aura Set, SK-II Ageless Beauty Set, SK-II Refreshing Skin Set and the go-to set if you don’t know which to pick — the SK-II Crystal Clear Skin Set.

For more information or to help you choose the set that’s best for you, head over to

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