How to pit an avocado, whether you have tools or not

Avocados will make your favourite recipes even more delicious — but what is the best way to pit an avocado? It’s a task you’ll tackle each time you prep an avocado so you need to know the best technique to get the job done right.

Turns out it’s very simple. If you have a kitchen knife handy, this technique is the best and most common: “Slice the avocado in half, give the pit a firm whack with a chef’s knife, pull it out with a slight twist and whack it again to disengage the pit from the knife, repeat,” says Catt Fields White, the founder of San Diego Markets and The Farmers Market Pros.

This post: How to pit an avocado, whether you have tools or not

Different ways to pit an avocado

Use your hands

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Another option is to take out the seed, which is the same thing as the pit, without using a knife — but to do so, you will still have to follow one crucial step. “Slicing the avocado in half is always first,” Fields White says, noting that the soft green fruit would be messier than a mango to try and peel whole. “Once sliced, you can use a teaspoon to give the pit a little lift out of its nest.”

Fields White recommends taking the half of the avocado with the pit in your hand; rest your index and middle finger inside the fruit on each side of the pit, and giving the back of the avocado a slight push with your thumb to release the seed.

Specialised tools

There are also various utensils available if you would like to pit the fruit with a specific tool designed for the task.  

Use a butter knife or tablespoon

“At farmers’ markets in California, avocado varieties extend way past the common Haas with its black nubbly skin that can be found in most grocery stores,” Fields White shares. “Delicious Reed, Bacon, and Zutano avocados have thinner, shinier skins, are easily bruised, and not appropriate for supermarkets that prefer fruit that is not so fragile.” If you are pitting one of these varieties, she explains that you will need to be gentle. Slice the ripe avocado and give the pit a lift with a butter knife or tablespoon to release the seed without breaking the skin.

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