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Ippudo x Mak’s Noodle Ramen Series ends 7 July

Popular ramen go-to, Ippudo, swaps out classic toppings for Hong Kong-style shrimp wonton in this limited collaboration with Mak’s Noodle, available until 7 July.

It’s no secret: this city adores its noodles. In a very exciting move to refresh current noodle options (see some of the city’s best here), Japanese fast-casual ramen chain, Ippudo, enlists homegrown, wonton noodle expert, Mak’s Noodle, in the re-creation of their signature Hakata-style ramen.

This post: Ippudo x Mak’s Noodle Ramen Series ends 7 July

The limited-edition menu — available only until 7 July — will serve a Shio Wonton Ramen at all Ippudo locations, featuring the signature tori niboshi broth that’s been steeped all-day with bonito flakes, dried sardines and konbu (dried sea kelp). Over thin noodle ribbons are typical toppings — slow-cooked rosu BBQ pork and a soft boiled egg — followed by the unfamiliar addition of seared scallop, clams and a handful of Mak’s signature shrimp wontons. If anything, this collaborative take is a better, more indulgent edition that’ll satisfy two cravings of both Japanese and local comforts.

Over at Kowloon Bay’s Metro Tokotsu Base, the faster, more casual ramen shop inspired by those in Tokyo’s metro stations under the Ippudo brand, the Ramen Series continues with a Shio Tonkotsu Wonton Ramen. Rolled out with slightly thicker noodles, they’re dipped in Ippudo’s rich tonkotsu broth topped with Maki Bara BBQ Pork, spinach, Narutomaki (cured fish surumi), scallion and, of course, a couple of Mak’s homemade wontons.

Ippudo x Mak’s Noodle Ramen Series is available at Ippudo locations across the city until 7 July.

Ippudo, various locations including Shop 1403, 14/F, Hysan Place, Lee Gardens, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2892 2387

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