Join the north cruise and sail to the Arctic

The sun never sets, ice floes ensure it’s never sweltering, and wildlife play hide and seek among icebergs: The stage is set for #TravelGoals this summer. As travel continues to seep through Instagram into our lives, creating a virtual check-list of exotic destinations to visit, the latest experience to fit the bill is a cruise through the Arctic.

The tundra summer in June is the perfect time to explore the region, also the only time of the year when temperatures enable traveling there. Cushion plants, and animals such as the polar bear, puffins, reindeer, and walrus make appearances. Spot them amidst gigantic glaciers, icebergs, ice floes, all of which ensure breathtaking views. This exotic setting is what the 80 degrees North cruise by The Q Experiences offers.

arctic cruise 3The L’Austral yacht sets off from Longyearbyen, Norway’s northern-most town, and continues to Spitsbergen, the largest island of the Norwegian Svalbard archipelago, on way to the North Pole and Norway. Get acquainted with the region by exploring the trail of walruses and polar bears, a reindeer safari, and huge bird cliffs of puffins. While you’re at it, indulge in meals curated by Chef Atul Kochhar and the Alain Ducasse Conseil, ranging from a heartwarming Rajma Chawal to an exquisite Oven Roasted Mustard Salmon.

This post: Join the north cruise and sail to the Arctic

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Opt for expert talks by naturalists, ornithologists, scientists, and researchers if you want to delve deeper into the makeup of the Arctic. The Sothys spa and Hamam sauna make for leisurely rejuvenation, while boutique shops, live entertainment, and an onboard photographer and videographer help capture the entertainment factor perfectly.
Albatross suites, butler services, and ideal ensembles are all offered onboard. Also three zodiac landings each day mean you can soak in the Arctic views and experience wildlife – arctic foxes, whales, seals, and large colonies of birds – up close.

An intimate encounter with nature in its purest form, whilst encased in a luxurious travel experience, this cruise is luxury in every sense.

Rs 7,90,000 per person for an 8-day expedition. The cruise sets sail on June 16 and bookings are open at The Q Experiences.

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