Misha Japanwala, the paragon of beauty, adorns her signature breastplate for her wedding

Demolishing stereotypes yet again, we have Misha Japanwala’s bridal look paying reverence to her signature art of breastplates.

Do you ever imagine casual online dating turning into a lifetime of beautiful moments? Sounds fascinating, right? Well, gear up as your imagination is brought to life by, artist and designer Misha Japanwala, and Fisher Neal a.k.a. hunting actor. This Tinder match tied the knot in a traditional ceremony in Karachi. Misha Japanwala is celebrated for smashing stereotypes and breaking the monotony with her artistic approach. Speaking of which, the Karachi-born artist and designer made sure to infuse her art of wearable sculptures on her D-Day too. 

This post: Misha Japanwala, the paragon of beauty, adorns her signature breastplate for her wedding

Decoding Misha Japanwala’s bridal look

Known for her dynamic breastplates, worn by said celebrities like Zendaya, Zoe Kravitz, and Kim Kardashian, Japanwala is the epitome of femininity with a hint of style. The delightful couple exchanged their vows at a dreamy beachfront setup. Moreover, Japanwala made sure to celebrate Fisher’s culture too, alongside her Pakistani traditions. The wedding sure was a private affair with a few renowned appearances like that of Lupita Nyong’o. Now, to address the elephant in the room, Misha Japanwala’s bridal look was nothing less than a red carpet trend to gush over. Apart from donning stunning outfits from Nomi Ansari and Shamaeel Ansari for her pre-wedding festivities, she added a hint of her art to her reception ensemble. 

The custom gold breastplate

While decoding Misha Japanwala’s bridal look, one just cannot miss out on how the ace artist accompanied the Rizwan Beyg gold sari with a custom gold breastplate. She sure looked stunning in the Rizwan Beyg blouse, but the custom breastplate added a sense of feminine charm and glam to her bridal look. Her artistic instincts were right on cue while she curated this piece of gold glamour for her reception attire. Furthermore, the rustic and antique-looking jewellery, smokey makeup, and sleek hairdo sure contributed to her dynamic ensemble. 

All in all, Misha Japanwala’s bridal look was a true representation of her powerful art and her feminine intellect. 

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