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New bars & new menus

As the temperatures get higher and the heavy rain showers become more frequent, there’s nothing quite like hiding it out at a new Bangkok bar. Here’s where to drink in Bangkok this June.

After two really packed months of new bars and drinks menus, June is looking a little more relaxed, but interesting nonetheless. This month, it’s all about exclusive spaces and hidden places, as well as more peculiar drinks menus. There are some very casual new spots and some very, very fancy new spots, proving that you’ll never run out of places to drink in Bangkok, no matter what, where, and with whom you’d like to share that tipple.

This post: New bars & new menus

From an invite-only whisky experience over to a sober cocktail bar (it’s a thing), here’s where to drink in Bangkok this June.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: The Japanese Highball Bar 1923 Krung Thep]

Where to drink in Bangkok this June

William Grant & Sons unveil The Distillers Library

Following the opening of The Distillers Library Singapore, China, and Vietnam, William Grant & Sons has now unveiled The Distillers Library Bangkok at Piman 49 Heritage Project. The invite-only space houses exclusive access to some of the world’s most rare whiskies in a deeply intimate and sophisticated setting. Together with Italasia, the family-owned distillers William Grant & Sons aim to provide discerning consumers, collectors, and connoisseurs a thoughtfully-curated experience, marking a new era for whisky lovers in Thailand. Through exclusive events and tastings hosted by the distiller’s brand ambassadors, The Distiller’s Library is set to become a place for sharing knowledge, passion, and wisdom over some of the most precious liquids in the whisky world.

Villa Frantzén Cocktail Bar is proving that the hype is real

There is no way you haven’t heard about Villa Frantzén, as the hype surrounding the newly-opened restaurant in Yen Akart has been the biggest, most exciting event on the culinary calendar this month. Yet whilst the renowned Frantzén Group has plenty to offer in the way of fine dining, Villa Frantzén Cocktail Bar too is also proving itself as a fine place to visit in its own right. Located on the same property, the modern Nordic cocktail bar brings together the smooth and sharp notes of the Scandinavian landscape with a touch of local ingredients. Featuring a relaxed and homey setting, we were especially impressed by the cocktails here, managing to balance natural ingredients with a sophisticated, clean, and wonderfully drinkable finesse. The icing on top? Signature Villa Frantzén supplement dishes are available to order at the bar, too. Open daily from 5pm to midnight, it may just be our new favourite spot on this list.

Find out more: Villa Frantzén

The Japanese Highball Bar 1923 Krung Thep opens at theCOMMONS

It’s likely you’ve spotted this new bar on Instagram already, for it seems there’s no place hotter to grab a highball in Bangkok this month than at The Japanese Highball Bar. Located inside theCOMMONS Thonglor, the Japanese highball specialists have really thought about perfecting the art of the highball, honing on everything from re-frozen and smooth surface ice, over to “Hokkaido natural super soft water,” and a special highly carbonated soda water tap machine. Alongside a great selection of Japanese whiskies, guests can also enjoy Japanese bar food favourites, including Japanese curry if you’re particularly hungry.

Find out more: The Japanese Highball Bar

Skal Sober Bar & Concept Store is serving up the most interesting sober cocktails

Lower ABV beverages and non-alcoholic cocktail bars are a trend to be reckoned with, and Skal Sober Bar & Concept Store is grand proof thereof. Serving up a series of delightful and delicious non-alcoholic drinks, the versatile space is both a bar and an events venue, hosting masterclasses and tastings for those with a curiosity for all things flavour, and no things alcohol. We love the beautiful cocktails that are big on mindful drinking, be it the ‘Sober G*n Tonic’ made with “juniper-led botanical charm” or the whiskey-inspired ‘Smokey Ginger with Coconut-Truffle Oil’ made using honey-candied ginger and florals. A super interesting experience for the tastebuds, however trippy it may feel. They also serve up neat charcuterie boards, so really make a day of it when you go.

Find out more: Skal Sober Bar & Concept Store

Proper Bar opens up as a place for “proper” drinks

For when you’re in the mood for a “proper” bar and drinks experience, maybe check out Proper Bar. Located on Sukhumvit 31, the casual and cosy neighbourhood bar has opened as a place to “share stories, create memories, and let loose.” We love that it’s extremely no-fuss in here, whether you groove to the live DJ sets or check out some of the events and happenings down by the bar. A fun cocktail menu and a whole host of classics await. Proper, but unpretentious.

Find out more: Proper Bar

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