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Nitara Ayurveda’s luxe candles are the ultimate in style and luxury

If you’re looking to infuse your home and heart with some sophisticated scents and luxurious aromas this sweater season, look no further than the humble candle. And while the market is flooded with brands offering numerous varieties to appease all senses, the latest to join the ranks is newest luxury candle and skincare label, Nitara Ayurveda. The only label that makes bespoke hand-poured scented candles in India.

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This post: Nitara Ayurveda’s luxe candles are the ultimate in style and luxury

Nitara is making great strides in creating products that are both high-performance and luxurious while staying deeply rooted in Ayurveda. Their repertoire includes earthy ingredients (hello, Himalayan Deodar), all-natural and cruelty-free products that are local in their approach but global in their showcase. The candle range, Roci (‘Light’ in Sanskrit), has a 10-12 percent fragrance concentration, and to unleash the perfect effect, each candle is a blend of four to five first class waxes of mineral origin enriched with plant-based waxes. There is no use of colour or dye, and the more than 20 types of wicks in the collection ensure each candle burns consistently and flawlessly.


The brand is the brainchild of Delhi-based brothers, Ishaan and Manan Arora who started off by developing artisanal fragrances for their niche clients. The passion for fragrances drove them to collaborate with a French designer for developing scented candles and bespoke body fragrances, eventually resulting in a range all their own under ROCI for Nitara, which also has skincare products featuring natural ingredients and Ayurvedic herbs.There’s the Vetiver & Cardamom Face Cleanser and Rose & Pepper Face Cleanser, and Patchouli & Cardamom Skin Brightening Day Cream. There is also an anti-ageing cream in the making and an interesting Rosehip Night Repair Facial Oil. Our picks? The Lavender and Rosemary Body Bars, which promise a fragrance-filled bath.

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It is the ingredients in particular in both the ranges that impressed us most. From Himalayan Deodar to Hind Rosa and Mysore Jasmine to Kashmere Lavender and Smoked Fig, there’s a vast variety to pick from. They make for great holiday gifts (the gift sets are gorgeous) and innovative keepsakes – the Hind Rosa ROCI candle is a winner on all counts, given its spicy floral scent combined with the smell of fresh-cut rose petals. The entire candle in itself, immaculate in black and gold packaging, glows beautifully. The best though? The recyclable glass the candle rests in.

The label is currently available on order in Delhi, but it will be expanding to Italy, Paris and New York in 2019. Go to Nitara Ayurveda to place orders. 

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