Norton unveils 2019 Atlas 650 Scrambler capsule with just 250 builds

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This post: Norton unveils 2019 Atlas 650 Scrambler capsule with just 250 builds

Christmas comes early as UK motorcycle enthusiasts, Norton unveil not one but two chromed beauties for 2019, the 650cc Atlas capsule. Norton’s newest scramblers come in two variants, a hefty café street racer named the ‘Nomad’ and an off-road brute called the ‘Ranger’  

Both scramblers are built for different purposes yet boast the same 650cc parallel-twin-engine which is also making its debut in the Norton racing cult. The Nomad strives for leisure and city street runs but that doesn’t mean they can’t be great cross-country Motorrad companions. The Ranger on the other hand, is built for off-road indulgences as its brutish UK motorcycle chassis speaks for itself.  

Atlas Nomad 4 850 WEB
Norton Atlas 650 Nomad

With all round LED lighting and comfy flat seats, the scramblers also feature chopped fenders. Surprisingly enough, the Nomad doesn’t come with fly-screens and headlight guards but features a bold round headlight by itself. The scramblers have way too much in common to be serving completely different purposes, which may seem odd. The Atlas Nomad and Atlas Ranger share the same tubular steel frames. In terms of suspension, the Nomad (given its on-road characteristics) uses a 50mm, fully-adjustable USD fork with 150mm wheel travel and a monoshock with 150mm travel as well. The Ranger, on the other hand, uses a similar 50mm, fully-adjustable USD fork and monoshock, but features 200mm wheel travel. 

Atlas Ranger 4 850 WEB
Norton Atlas 650 Ranger

The scramblers are powered by efficient 650cc liquid-cooled DOHC motors that churn out 84 HP at a stunning 11,000 rpm and 64Nm of raw torque. The Atlas Nomad is grounded by 18-inch wheels upfront and 17-inch wheels to its rear whereas the Ranger plugs a set of 19-inch and 17-inch spoked-wheels built exclusively by Avon Trekrider tyres. In terms of bulk and height, the Ranger is of-course a bit taller compared to the Nomad by scaling in at 867mm compared to the Café Racer at 824mm. 

Atlas Ranger 6 850 WEB 1
Norton Atlas 650 Ranger

Our personal paintjob preference will be an alluring top-to-bottom chrome finish, but the scramblers do come in red, black and white as well. With a limited build of only 250, The Atlas scramblers do come with quite generous price-tags as far as exclusivity is concerned. With the Nomad for Rs. 9.21 lakh and the Ranger for Rs. 11.05 lakh, these scramblers could potentially be your next favourite motorcycle. 

Atlas Nomad 7 850 WEB
Norton Atlas 650 Nomad

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