Nothing’s stripped-down Phone (1) is slated for a July global debut

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This post: Nothing’s stripped-down Phone (1) is slated for a July global debut

Nothing tech’s super-mysterious Phone (1) with a stripped-down, transparent body will be making a global debut in July. Here’s everything we know so far.

After months of buzz, rumors and speculations, ‘Nothing’ officially announced the phone (1) back in March. Carl Pei, Co-founder of OnePlus and ‘Nothing’ CEO gave us our first look at the handset while also releasing a couple of details of the upcoming device. So well, to put this simply and to get you guys up to the hype – Nothing are building a smartphone that users aren’t used to seeing, or using. The Nothing Phone (1) is still an absolute mystery in many ways but we’ve gotten an official word that we’ll be knowing all about it in July.

While we got a glimpse of what it looks like on the outside, there’s still about of wonder as to what’s under the hood. However, with Pei as CEO, we can expect a few familiarities from OnePlus devices. More so, he stated that he stives for this product to be a “compelling alternative to Apple” and is the “most important product” for the company.

Nothing Phone 1: Release date, camera, specs, price in India


Visually, you’ll either love or hate the design. It’s transparent and stripped down, putting all it’s industrial elegance on display. Speaking of which, Nothing’s design director is actually former Dyson design lead, Adam Bates, so we know where this skeletal/machine elegance is coming from. Given Carl’s prior association with OnePlus, we sort of have an idea of what they’re aiming for. As of now, Phone (1) is confirmed to use Snapdragon OS chipset and will introduced with its very own Nothing OS. Interestingly, even though it could take after OnePlus, it could end up being a competitor.


According to Pei, Nothing’s goal is to do what Apple does: to create a unique product experience and stand out in the market for that. Otherwise, they’ll simply be jumping into a space that’s turning increasingly homogenous and competitive. While calling it “The real start of Northing’s journey”, the brand strives to make tech fun again and is an invitation to “unlearn everything the industry has taught us.”

Nothing Phone 1 Teaser

In our opinion, Nothing’ certainly has what it takes to create a unique smartphone experience and an ecosystem around it, going head on with the giants of the smartphone world. Their appeal, visually and physically stands out. Also considering Carl Pei is at the helm, we’re sure he has the secret sauce to turn this into a success. Saying this after looking at what he’s done with OnePlus. Who knows? This could be the next big thing. Or sadly, just another tech gimmick. Pei promises innovation and in the ‘Nothing Phone (1)’ launch event he even claimed, “Smartphones used to excite us, now they’re mundane. We hope that the Nothing Phone (1) is the wake up call this industry needs.”

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