Only two Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series will arrive in India

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This post: Only two Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series will arrive in India

Mercedes-AMG delivered the first of only two of the high-performance GT Black Series that are reserved for India. Priced at Rs 5.5 crore, here’s all about it.

We’ve seen plenty of examples in the past that prove that having your engine fitted in the wrong place doesn’t mean you can’t contest with mid-engine speedsters. Take the Porsche 911 or the Aston Martin DBS and their front-engine setups for example. However, one who’s engine roar’s louder than the rest is Mercedes-AMG’s GT Black Series, a fiercely menacing automobile that would tickle Newton pink. Costing a hefty Rs 5.5 crore each and being crowned as the most powerful Benz in the business, only two of this two-door high-performance coupe will be arriving in India.  One lucky owner is probably already burning rubber and rippin’ donuts in joy.

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series: Owner, Price in India, Engine

Mercedes AMG GT Black Series undergoes its first tuning procedure 3

To put in simply, AMG domesticated their GT3 racecar for the roads with this special GT Black Series. We see tons of new cosmetics and aerodynamic treats all over the car. The bumper looks considerably more aggressive with a larger apron and manually adjustable splitter. The rear wing too is adjustable. The monstrous engine rest under carbon fiber bonnet with vents that blow steam and heat out through special vents. The one being delivered is finished in High-Tech Silver Metallic and AMG magma beam. It’s grounded by 10-spoke black-finished alloy wheels, 19-inch to the front and 20-inch to the back.

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I think one of the biggest changes is the new flat crankshaft and cylinder that significantly improves the throttle and rev response. The result? Higher rpms and more power. We also see bigger turbos, camshafts and a new exhaust. They’ve also thrown in their largest intercooler in too. All in all, it produces 720-bhp with a rev range of 6700-6900-rpm reaching 800-Nm of torque at 2000-6000-rpm. In terms of speed, the car can zoom from zero to 100-kmph in just 3.2 seconds and the next hundred in 9 seconds. All of this comes from the reworked V8 it uses. With power going to the rear wheels, the 7-speed dual-clutch box looks beefed up too, made capable of handling the extra torque.

The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series costs Rs 5.5 crore. Also, there’s just one left in the country, so if you’d like to own this zoomer, well, hurry.

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