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Restaurant review: Osha puts passion on the plate

Already established as one of Bangkok’s trendiest addresses to experience fine Thai dining with a molecular twist, Osha recently launched their stunning new “Passion” set menu. Geared to stimulate all five senses while tantalising your palate, it’s tailor-made for those looking for a romantic dinner, as well as those looking to turn an ordinary evening into something truly unforgettable.  


This post: Restaurant review: Osha puts passion on the plate

OSHA Ambiance

The cohesive marriage of modern and traditional Thai elements is a theme that seamlessly extends from the kitchen into the décor. Osha is a veritable monument to contemporary design aesthetics, with an ostentatious gold, black-lacquer and glass palette that gives the space an amusing Thailand-meets-Las-Vegas vibe. It’s a sumptuous space with two levels for inside dining, plus an outside terrace. The interior is dominated by a shiny, circular-shaped bar and an adjacent spiral staircase with an enormous, traditional-Thai-style golden headdress chandelier. Even the ceiling demands your attention as it features rotating projections of classic Thai stories set to sultry electronic jazz music.   


OSHA SMALL Garden Talk Crispy Berry Sauce
Not to be missed is the “garden talk crispy and berry sauce”.

The five-course Passion menu was created by female executive chef Purida Teerapong, who designed it to be seductive with a feminine touch meant to ignite your passion for cuisine. Highlights include the sultry, sous-vide Fine de Claire oyster and the trio of appetisers including squid with salted-egg aioli, sliced Hokkaido scallops and fresh spring rolls made with prawns. Later in the meal, a main course of lamb cutlet is exceptional, a hefty portion of meat that melts in your mouth. Served with a visually stunning, fresh vegetable and herb salad, the dusting of powdered herbs enhances the flavour of the lamb, which is accentuated by the earthy, spicy sauce served on the side so that you can season it to your liking.


OSHA Red Velvet Spell over Charming Fish
All of the dishes are beautifully presented.

Osha has an extensive wine list as well as an impressive cocktail menu with top-shelf spirits and high-end champagne for those looking to splurge. For cocktails, they have a series of signature items created by Mekhong Spirit (Thai rum) from their “Hanuman Cocktail Series”, inspired by Thai folklore characters. Be sure to try the Osha Chada, an ornately served passion fruit and vodka libation. For a nice white wine, opt for the 2013 Avant Chardonnay from California. Buttery and smooth, it’s the perfect complement to the spiciness of the Thai food.


OSHA Triple Senses of Deep Blue Marine
The “triple senses of deep blue marine” is a traditional Thai savory snack of steamed rice dumpling with a seasoning of dried and fermented fish.

The new Passion menu at Osha is unexpected and playfully elegant. The Thai flavours you love never take a back seat to the presentation, and the taste is always comforting and familiar. Osha exceeds expectations with their innovation and cutting-edge style while remaining true to authentic Thai flavours.  

Osha, 99 Witthayu Road, Lumpini, Bangkok, +66 (0)2 256 6555,

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