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Revival bar resurrects iconic artworks through dramatic cocktails

You are welcome to touch the paintings at Revival, a new bar in Singapore that revitalises art movements with equally creative cocktails.

The Robertson Quay venue delivers an art history lesson on styles from Baroque to Modern Art through 16 signature drinks and a menu designed like a coffee table book.

This post: Revival bar resurrects iconic artworks through dramatic cocktails

Founded last month by The Compound Collective, the same group behind Barbary Coast and Skai Bar, Revival also offers a casual Sunday menu with more affordable classic cocktails, and a retail space selling rare spirits and whisky casks.

Revival 01
(Image credit: Revival)

“We wanted to create the neighbourhood bar experience, where people can pop by, enjoy a high-quality drink and a nibble in a comfortable space that feels like an extension of their home,” said The Compound Collective Co-founder Celia Schoonraad. “Robertson Quay is the perfect spot that provides a laid back atmosphere in a location that is a vibrant neighbourhood near the city centre.”

Each cocktail is centred around a particular artwork, like the Neoclassical icon of “Napoleon Crossing The Alps.” The bar recomposes Jacques-Louis David’s artwork as a bracing Martini with cognac and two French vermouths, as genepi and edelweiss lend an alpine character. A brush of edible red paint mimics the French emperor’s scarlet cape.

“Jardin Et Poulailler Chez Octave Mirbeau” is a dreamy Impressionist garden by Camille Pissarro, and Revival restores the painting’s verdant tones using linden leaf and chlorophyll in a vodka-based French 75. Flowers planted on the side of the glass bloom into a riot of colours.

Revival cocktails
From left: Jardin, Napoleon, and Wanderer cocktails (Image credit: Revival)

Juan Gris’s “Portrait of Pablo Piscasso” is a Cubist portrait of the famous artist. At Revival, the painting is reconstructed as a Negroni, turned abstract with bitter Fernet and fragrant cassia. “The Scream” is an Edvard Munch piece that launched a thousand memes, but his work began as an Expressionist reaction to anxieties and raw emotions. Here, the combination of smoky whisky and spicy chilli liqueur makes the cocktail similarly startling.

Also on the menu is a section called Children’s Illustrations, which pairs tales like Peter Rabbit and Alice In Wonderland with non-alcoholic drinks. All drinks and food are served either on the ground level consisting of a cozy bar counter and an outside patio, or upstairs at their private booths.

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Retail wall (Image credit: @revivalbarsg / Facebook)

Revival plans to change the menu every nine months to a year, but a permanent addition is their Casual Sunday Extravaganza. Happening every Sunday from 4pm to 10.30pm, classic cocktails including Espresso Martini and Michelada are available with dishes like Spag Bol Jaffle, or spaghetti bolognese in a pressed sandwich.

The bar is building up a collection of 1,300 bottles for their retail arm. Consisting of rare spirits with a focus on aged examples, these can be purchase online (coming soon) and at the bar. In addition, customers can buy casks of rare whiskies worth up to up to USD5 million (S$6.9 million), said The Compound Collective Head of Education Roman Foltán. The casks would be matured at the distilleries, and can be bottled with a customised label when ready.

Revival is located at 205 River Valley Rd, #01-76, Singapore 238274. Book here.

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