Rising runway star Nicole Liew shares her favourite Y2K style trends

It’s safe to say that we’re looking at nowstalgia with a rose-tinted glasses, but we’re not taking them off anytime soon. Gracing our second digital cover is rising fashion model Nicole Liew, who has walked runways in Milan and London Fashion Week.

The 24-year old Singaporean rolled onto set for our digital cover photoshoot with a tank top and baggy jeans, and we managed to catch her during hair and makeup for some of her favourite Y2K style trends.

This post: Rising runway star Nicole Liew shares her favourite Y2K style trends

Nicole Liew’s favourite Y2K style trends:

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Low-waisted pants

“I think everyone used to be quite self conscious so high-waisted pants was the default but it seems that people don’t care now. These pants bring out so much character and it’s nice to see change in fashion.”

(Image credit: @nakedbibi)

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Baggy pants

“Baggy jeans are comfortable and stylish. My fashion inspiration for this trend is Bella Hadid.”

(Image credit: @bellahadid)

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Bright colours

“I think many people fall back on monochrome because it’s safe, but it’s nice to see people on the streets now sporting brighter colours. Personally, my go-to colours are pink, and yellow”

(Image credit: @camila_cabello)

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Unique designs

“Similar to wearing bright colours, unique and interesting designs like butterflies are a refreshing touch.”

(Image credit: @dualipa)

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“Specifically, rectangular-shaped ones with thin frames are my favourite.”

(Image credit: @nicxliew)

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