Schwarzkopf Professional hosts a rebalancing session that heals the mind, body and soul

In the spirit of scalp health and an overall healthy ‘you’, Schwarzkopf Professional recently held an exclusive healing workshop at The RuMa Hotel & Residences, to promote balance in body, mind and soul.

With its recent introduction of the new Scalp Clinix range, Schwarzkopf Professional aims to launch a customisable scalp care routine that takes you from salon to home care maintenance by focusing on the root problem. The Scalp Clinix presents a more personalised, ‘rebalancing’ approach by tackling and treating specific concerns as soon as they have been identified.

This post: Schwarzkopf Professional hosts a rebalancing session that heals the mind, body and soul

To commemorate the launch of Scalp Clinix, Schwarzkopf Professional, together with Lifestyle Asia KL, brought together a group of young and influential lifestyle mavens to experience first-hand the perks of the Scalp Clinix at The RuMa Hotel & Residences, learn about scalp health, as well as a relaxing sound bath session to top it all off.

Among the attendees were LSA Friends Shalma Eliana, Vanessa Reynauld, Bella Dowanna, Farisha Iris, Jori Woon, Nalisa Alia Amin, Sam CN of singing duo Fuying&Sam, Leslie Png and Kiv Chai. As part of the rebalancing session, each of them were also treated to an exclusive health scan of their scalp to determine its problems — if any — and learned about the specific Scalp Clinix products that would be best to combat them.

Completely dedicated to scalp care, Schwarzkopf Professional’s Scalp Clinix is perfect for those looking for specific solutions to their scalp issues. The routine takes you through step-by-step in your scalp care journey, and aims to rebalance your scalp’s microbiome so that it can be the ideal base for beautiful, healthy hair to grow from.

At the start of the workshop, the attendees were given a brief lesson on the Scalp Clinix and its dedication to scalp care, from the Fibre Clinix that it was derived from, to the Biotic In-Salon service that helps recognise the pain points of the most common scalp problems. Whether it is hair loss, dandruff issues, sebum excess (oily scalp), or even dry and dehydrated scalp, the Scalp Clinix Biotic In-Salon service is able to pinpoint just what it is about your scalp that needs that extra attention.

The four treatments highlighted in the Scalp Clinix range are: the Scalp Clinix Soothing, which helps to soothe the dry, delicate scalp and leaves it moisturised; the Scalp Clinix Oil Control, a specially-made treatment that unclogs pores and removes excess sebum, leaving the scalp feeling refreshed with a cooling effect; the Scalp Clinix Flake Control that not only removes and prevents new dandruff flakes gently and effectively, but also provides calms itchy and irritated scalps; and finally the Scalp Clinix Anti-Hair Loss made for thinning hair, which promotes blood microcirculation and strengthens your hair follicles.

What the Scalp Clinix by Schwarzkopf Professional really aims to do is tackle some of these scalp problems with Biotic Technology, fused with skincare-inspired ingredients to treat the scalp’s microbiome balance so that what you’ll get is an overall improved scalp condition.

In the true spirit of self-care, the guests were later treated to a sound bath session, which served to rejuvenate the senses and plunge them into a totally relaxed state of mind. Held by renowned Japanese sound alchemist Sari Miyata. During the session, the attendees learned the intricate techniques of sound breathing, where they breathe in through the nose to forge a connection between the mind and the body. Soft sounds such as the tinkling of wind chimes were also used to help trigger relaxing images in the mind.

The sound bath and healing workshop was intended to promote the concept of achieving balance within the body, mind and soul, aligning closely with what Schwarzkopf Professional aspires to accomplish with its new Scalp Clinix.

Shop the full range now at Schwarzkopf Professional on Lazada. To learn more about Scalp Clinix by Schwarzkopf Professional, head to its official website or visit its Instagram page.

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