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Schwarzkopf Professional’s ‘Scalp Clinix’ tackles the root of hair problems

An extension of its Fibre Clinix regime, Schwarzkopf Professional introduces the new Scalp Clinix, a mesh of the ultimate hair care and skincare to treat some of the biggest scalp concerns. The outcome? A balance of a healthy scalp and beautiful, healthy-looking hair, of course.

What many don’t realise is that the secret to healthy hair is through the scalp. Just like the skin, the scalp has different needs that call for a more personalised approach of caretaking. When your scalp is in the best condition, your hair will have a much healthier base to grow from, and unwanted issues like dandruff and hair loss can be prevented.

This post: Schwarzkopf Professional’s ‘Scalp Clinix’ tackles the root of hair problems

Enter the new Scalp Clinix by Schwarzkopf Professional, an extension of its Fibre Clinix regime that introduces a customisable scalp care regime from salon to home care maintenance. Think a specialised skincare routine for the scalp — what a blemish-busting face wash is to an acne-prone face, the Scalp Clinix helps to re-balance the scalp by targeting and treating specific concerns.

Prep, cleanse and treat

Once the root cause of your scalp problem has been identified, the Scalp Clinix Biotic service comes to the rescue, whether as a standalone routine or included with the Fibre Clinix regime depending on just how serious the issue is.

Wholly dedicated to scalp care, Schwarzkopf Professional’s Scalp Clinix is perfect for those looking for specific solutions to their scalp issues. The regime takes you through three simple steps, with the aim to re-balance your scalp’s microbiome so it can be the base for beautiful, healthy hair to grow from.

Schwarzkopf Professional Scalp Massage min scaled

That’s where the Scalp Clinix Biotic In-Salon service steps in. Once the hairdressers have identified the root cause of your scalp concerns, they will recommend the Scalp Clinix Biotic Service for you, whether as a standalone service, or included in the Fibre Clinix Tribond Service — depending on the your needs.

Step one is to prep, and this is where the Scalp Clinix Pre-Shampoo Scrub with Biotic Technology comes in. The scrub gently exfoliates the dead skin cells on the scalp, leaving it feeling ultra-refreshed with a cooling effect to boot. Next is the cleansing stage, where the Fibre Clinix Tribond Shampoo with Triple Bonding and C21 Technology works its magic by thoroughly cleaning the hair and scalp, ridding it of any unwelcome dirt and excess oil. Finally, the treatment portion of the regime infuses the Scalp Clinix Biotic Base to restore the scalp’s microbiome.

A holistic scalp care approach from salon to home

To maintain the improved scalp condition at home until the next salon visit, hairdressers can also prescribe the most appropriate home scalp care routine for you to carry out in the comfort of your own home.

Scalp Clinix Soothing

Schwarzkopf Soothing Shampoo Treatment min scaled

The Scalp Clinix Soothing treatment soothes dry, delicate scalps, with a treatment containing Allantoin, Bisabolol and Panthenol to help strengthen the scalp’s protective barrier, leaving the scalp with a calming and moisturised feeling.

Scalp Clinix Oil Control

Schwarzkopf Professional Scalp Oil Control Shampoo Treatment min scaled

The Scalp Clinix Oil Control deeply cleanses oily scalps, with a treatment to unclog pores and remove excess sebum when combined with a gentle massage leaving the scalp feeling refreshed with a cooling effect.

Scalp Clinix Flake Control

Schwarzkopf Professional Flake Control Shampoo Treatment min scaled

This particular treatment removes and prevents new dandruff flakes gently and effectively, with a treatment containing Octopirox, providing a soothing feeling for itchy and irritated scalps.

Scalp Clinix Anti-Hair Loss

Schwarzkopf Professional Scalp Anti Hair Loss Shampoo Serum min scaled

This Anti-Hair Loss treatment is made for scalps with thinning hair. Pair the shampoo and serum together for the full effect — massage both into your scalp and it promotes blood microcirculation and strengthens your hair follicles. Over just six weeks of regular use, you’ll be able to notice how effective this super combo is against hair loss.

What the Scalp Clinix regime aims to do is to tackle some of the most common scalp problems with Biotic Technology, fused with skincare-inspired ingredients to treat the scalp’s microbiome balance — the breeding ground for bacteria and fungi — for an overall improved scalp condition. Healthy scalp, even healthier hair!

Shop now at Schwarzkopf Professional on Lazada. To learn more about the Scalp Clinix regime by Schwarzkopf Professional, head to its official website or visit its Instagram page

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