Spotted: 10 fabulously dressed guests at the Absolutely Fabulous movie premiere

On the evening of 24th August, guests were invited to an exclusive movie preview for Absolutely Fabulous. They were greeted with light snacks and refreshments while prizes for the best dressed were given away. The night was filled with stylish individuals and we spotted a few outfits inspired by the characters in the movie.

We can’t emphasise more on how fabulous these ten outfits are. Take a look for yourself in the slideshow above.

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Holleigh Mason (@urbanremedyasia) dresses up as Patsy from the movie in Lacroix, Dior, Gucci,  topped off with an unlit cigarette and empty vodka bottle.

This post: Spotted: 10 fabulously dressed guests at the Absolutely Fabulous movie premiere

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Isabel (@prettyfrowns) exudes understated elegance with a Zara dress and clutch, paired with Schutz shoes.


Bobby Luo (@pingpongpanda) shows us how to make an outfit pop with a head-turning headpiece by Piers Atkinson, Lalalove pullover, vintage jeans, and a pair of Adidas sneakers.


If Patsy’s at a party, Edina will be there too. Natalie Dau (@rockstararms) dresses up as Edina in Miu Miu, Hermès, Chloé, and crazy accessories to fit the part.

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Rhyce Lein (@rhyceyl) goes flowery in a shirt, white pants, and loafers by Zara.

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Elvina Farkas (@elvinafarkas) goes all black with a vintage dress, Steve Madden shoes, and a fur vest by Claude Maus, a Melbourne designer.

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Rich Herrera (@rampageherrera) keeps it simple with a Penshoppe top, H&MxBalmain jacket, Zara pants, and Givenchy shoes.


Xander Chen goes Gucci in a pair of metallic joggers and a flowery bomber.


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Vintage lover Angie Chen (@angiefeimao) dresses up in a Vintage Lacroix top, paired with a Celine bag, and Nicholas Kirkwood shoes.

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