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Sussanne Khan talks about her collaboration with Chivas

Designer Sussanne Khan joins hands with premium whiskey brand, Chivas to design their limited edition packaging for Chivas 18. She takes inspiration from her own journey and the city of Mumbai for the beautiful packaging.

Sussanne Khan designs the limited-edition Chivas 18YO pack:

This post: Sussanne Khan talks about her collaboration with Chivas

Chivas LEp


Sussanne Khan is one of the most celebrated interior designer in India. She, along with Gauri Khan started The Charcoal Project, which is considered one of the most popular design stores in India. She’s now pioneered as the first women to design the limited edition packaging for a whiskey brand in India. Chivas announced the launch of its limited-edition pack in association with interior and fashion designer Sussanne Khan through an immersive event at The Charcoal Project, Mumbai. The pack is an ode to the multi-layered blend of Chivas 18 YO, that rewards the senses with its unique 85 flavour notes.

Chivas 18’s new pack takes on an adventure through the wonderland of Sussanne Khan’s imagination, thus revealing ‘The Pack of Hidden Stories’. Inspired by digging deeper into the layers of everyday life, fully realising its magic and unfolding the hidden treasures around us, the pack is a true representation of the glamorous curations the designer is synonymous with.

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Talking about the association and the packaging, Sussanne Khan let us in on some of the things that inspired the design, in this exclusive chat. Excerpts… 

What was your reaction when Chivas approached you to design the limited-edition packaging?
I’ve had a very long association with the Chivas family and when I was offered to do this, I had a sense of nervousness. It’s like stepping into a new phase when you’re designing a packaging for a product. So, I wanted to tell a story and I wanted it to be important. It was nerve-racking at the time. 

Tell us a little about the inspiration behind the design…
The inspiration was my journey as a designer and as an individual in this incredible city of Mumbai. Having been born and brought up in this coastal city and having the resilience to keep up with things here, the idea was to tell a story in a delicate way but still remain strong in the message. I wanted the package to be like me. I wanted to convey that it’s brave with a touch of the flora and fauna of the coastal region. I wanted the patterns to depict how you would feel every time you would have a sip. You feel elevated and that was my understanding of the notes of Chivas. 

You’re the first woman to design the limited edition pack for a whiskey brand in India, do you see potential in the craft for more women to follow?
Absolutely, we have a huge community of intelligent and incredible women who are so empowered and are constantly growing so it is a big achievement as a designer to do something in this direction. You just have to keep at it. 

How important is a good package design to a bottle of good whiskey?
It’s very important for a buyer to feel motivated to lean in on buying and adding this to their bar.

What’s the best way to have your glass of Chivas?
On the rocks. 

When you hear the word, “Chivas”, what are the 3 definitive words that come to mind?
Strength, character and celebration. 

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