Swedish House Mafia and IKEA launch Obegränsad furniture collection

Acclaimed Swedish house music group Swedish House Mafia and furniture-maker IKEA have partnered together to launch three unique products from their upcoming collaboration called Obegränsad, expected to drop later this year.

Visitors got a glimpse of the furniture collection at the IKEA Festival at the ongoing Milan Design Week 2022 on June 9. The three pieces comprise a desk for music production, an armchair and a record player, and are set to cater to music creators.

This post: Swedish House Mafia and IKEA launch Obegränsad furniture collection

All about the Swedish House Mafia X IKEA Obegränsad collection

Products tailored to enhance music experience

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The Obegränsad armchair has a minimalistic design and adjustable straps. (Image credit: Swedish House Mafia/@swedishhousemafia/Instagram)

Obegränsad is a Swedish word for “unlimited”. In a statement, IKEA said that it aims to “democratise music production at home” with Swedish House Mafia.

“The design supports creating, playing, enjoying and even just setting the mood,” Swedish House Mafia said.

Each of the three items is fashioned in the all-black signature style of Swedish House Mafia. The central idea is to enable music producers, DJs and musicians to create a home studio at an affordable price range.

The Obegränsad armchair has a minimalistic design and adjustable straps for an increased level of comfort. Designed for relaxation, a buyer can enjoy music while reclining in it.

Commenting on the Obegränsad desk, IKEA designer Friso Wiersma said that it is fitted with two speaker stands to bring them to ear level.

“We have also added a pull-out shelf below the desktop. This functionality allows you to have a midi keyboard, for example, in easy reach, while maximising space on your desktop,” Wiersma said.

The IKEA designer said that the Obegränsad record player has a “solid, chunky design” to make its presence known in the room. Like the desk and armchair, the record player, too, follows a minimalistic design. It can play vinyl records and works with IKEA’s ENEBY speaker.

Obegränsad FRAKTA bags revealed

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IKEA’s iconic FRAKTA bag also gets the Swedish House Mafia treatment. (Image credit: IKEA/@ikea/Instagram)

On 26 May, Swedish House Mafia and IKEA unveiled the first products of the Obegränsad collection with three new versions of the IKEA FRAKTA bag.

“FRAKTA is one of those IKEA classics that everyone has. We wanted to do our take on it from a music creation perspective depending on what type of gear you carry with you on the go,” Swedish House Mafia said.

The new FRAKTA bags are designed for the functional requirements of music creators and fans. It includes a laptop bag, a large bag for vinyl records and a bag to keep cables, cords and accessories needed to make music.

The Obegränsad collaboration was announced in September 2021. It will be officially launched in Fall 2022 and include over 20 home furnishing products along with other items connected to music.

(Main and Featured image: Swedish House Mafia/@swedishhousemafia/Instagram)

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