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The best bakeries in Phuket for fresh bread and pastries

Whilst Phuket famously boasts a plethora of cool and casual cafes, where can you go on the island when you’re seeking some really good bread or pastries? Here are the best bakeries in Phuket to visit when that craving for fresh carbs comes calling.

There’s nothing quite like a warm loaf of freshly baked bread. There’s also nothing quite like a fresh croissant, maybe enjoyed on the side of a freshly brewed coffee. Whilst an island presents many challenges for bakery products (being a humid, tropical island being one of them), Phuket actually boasts a varied selection of bakeries. French, Swedish, sweet, or savoury, here, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite bakeries in Phuket at the minute. For slow mornings, busy mornings, or late night sandwich-making, bookmark this list for whenever you need sourdough, gluten-free, rye, and more.

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The best bakeries in Phuket for fresh bread and pastries


We’re starting our list with a bakery you’ll be familiar with if you’re keen on the Bangkok bakery scene. Its first outpost outside of Bangkok, Bartels has opened in Phuket as a fine place to enjoy — much like in Bangkok — sandwiches, freshly baked sourdough bread, cold pressed juices, and coffee. The recently opened bakery and cafe is notorious for its sandwiches (grilled on sourdough or open-faced), as well as their sourdough bread. A must-try for both fans of the original Bangkok branch, as well newbies too.

This post: The best bakeries in Phuket for fresh bread and pastries


Located in Thalang, Uncle Toma’s Bakery & Cafe offers fine breads, cakes, croissants, doughnuts, pizzas, pies, steaks, and so, so much more. Especially bread lovers will enjoy the selection here, which spans dark mix seeds, rye mix seeds, white country, focaccia, baguettes, ciabattas, and even gluten-free bread. To accompany, there’s a cold cuts section definitely worth checking out, too.


BAKE Phuket is a relaxed bakery to visit in Phuket, whether you come by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Enjoy the al fresco dining area and a menu that features everything from bread and pastry products over to shawarma, rotisserie chicken, and more. Gluten-free loaves are available for takeaway here too, as well as a selection of other breads to enjoy. An insider tip? Try the caneles. They could possibly be one of Phuket’s best.


Located in Rawai, Canelle Bakery & Co is relatively new, and a popular spot for breakfast and brunch. Whether you go for classic bagels and croissants or brownies and sweeter items, it’s a spot that is especially well-suited to those with a sweet tooth. Their special cinnamon rolls are definitely a must-try, as well as the seasonal offerings. Recently, Canelle Bakery & Co. made special hot cross buns for Easter.

napoleon 3

As its name suggests, Napoleon Brasserie & Bakery is a French brasserie, bakery, and cafe. They serve up a selection of delicious French dishes (as well as traditional Thai dishes) in the Thalang area. A good choice for sandwich lovers, here you’ll get to choose from various breads and flatbreads, as well as burgers, wraps, and paninis. Breakfast time is also a great time to come by Napoleon, as they offer a vast variety: British, American, Turkish, and Thai, to name a few.


Another French bakery, Lafayette French Bakery and Coffee Shop sells a charming selection of homemade products, also welcoming guests for breakfast, lunch, and tea time. Sit back in the squishy comfortable chairs and enjoy the chocolate and butter croissants, or the cookies and macarons. Located in Kamala Beach, they also sell wines and cold cuts here.

swedish bakery

Those who have tried Swedish bread will know this is a must-visit. Serving up healthy and natural bread of a high quality, The Swedish Bakery uses live sourdough and old Nordic traditional recipes to make their bread. The result? An aromatic, non-crumbly, and long-lasting bread that is packed with many nutrients. Whilst these loaves are definitely the star, the bakery located in Kamala also boasts a selection of pastries.


We’re ending our list with a bakery that only delivers, but is definitely worth trying out nonetheless. Located in the Cherngthalay area, The Jazzy Bakery makes fresh sourdough bread in Phuket, and has amassed quite a significant fan club. Made with no sugar, no additives, no flavouring, and no preservatives, the bread here is made with “flour, water, salt, love, and time.” Made in a limited edition (50 loaves available weekly), besides bread, The Jazzy Bakery also makes cookies.

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